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Music can affect us in ..alot of different ways .. - Sorry too - READ IT210 weeks ago
This is a blog for anyone who has an open mind to different things and loves music

I was feelin great the other day .. great night sleep and a fresh 20 blue beside me haha.. and i put on a song called " Eternity ~ Memory of lightwaves from the final fantasy soundtrack .. and it just touches me that someone can make such a great sounding song .. its very chilled out ...BUT just like with other songs ive noticed that it makes ya feel sad . but not actual sadness .. its weird feeling but other music can make ya go crazy with joy and some make ya .. well ya know what i mean :D .. its affects your way of thinking . its a good thing though ,, i aint complaining .. just wondering if anyone else is effected by certain my music like that

Well, Ive been listening to a LOT of different types of music by various bands and composers.. Game soundtracks etc lately .. so i got to thinking about how it actually affects me

and ive come to think that sayin a peice of music is shit or dismissing an entire genre is very fuckin stupid because obviously there are fans of the genre who like it and if they like it i obviously moved them in some way so if it doesnt do anything for you you should just move on instead of fuckin slaggin it ..... and obviously ive said i fuckin hate afew genres in my day haha

and im sorry for that cause its makes no sense to do it

Please leave a comment of you know what i mean or have an idea haha ... Please
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Martin H said...7/20/09
Music can affect us in ..alot of different ways,..............too fucken rite..ur orgasmic rawk made me nearly get sick in ur jaxx...haha...
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Ian said...7/20/09
glad i read this, very very good point :) i think some songs mean different things to some people depending on your mood when you first hear it,cool blog :) very smart! keep it up :)
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Rob Harrington said...7/20/09
thanks lads ;) .. gonna start doin these blogs for fun :) ... see how it goes ;)
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Ian said...7/26/09
in that case i'll be sure to look out for them to read :)
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Derek M said...7/28/09
deep :) i like haha *high five* :D
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Rob Harrington said...2/21/10
Takes me back to my early days :P
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