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Harry Potter 6207 weeks ago
I dont no about you guys but personaly i think the 6th hp movie was pretty crap, like, it was changed so much i wanted 2 cry while watching it. I taugh it was kind of funny the way that harry and ginny got on, the whole flirting insanly thing passed the time. I couldnt stop lafing when ginny fed harry the mince pie, and wen she tied his lace.. that was funny, like, is the choosen one 2 brilliant to tie his own laces.. he needs ginny 2 do it for him.. Come on.. Its just to hard 2 put into words how disapointing it was.. Dont get me wrong it was a great movie but the book was 1OO times better in all aspects.. The acting was great, yeahh.. But, what about the scenes they cut out or the things they changed.. like;;

1) Harry at the train station and not in his aunts house.. that would have been so much entertaining then him chatting up a girl..

2) The summer spent at Rons

3) Fleur & Bills engagment

4)The start where Luna finds harry and not tonks, How also why didnt Harry and ginny go 2 the party on the train ?

5) Christmas and no visit from the minister of magic

6) The Death Eater scene in the marshes at the start- thats not in the book nd since when did they have marshes by the Weashlys

7) The Quidditch match were rons in hospital and harry cracks his skull

8) Harry getting detention off Snape every saturday morning and missing the final of his match.. where he actualy starts going ou wi Ginny

9) The scene in the cave.. its ok but much better in book and they could have done way better on it

10) The Death Eater scene at the end.. i was looking forward to that SO MUCH.. they made it really crap like.. >:( there was no fight scene with the students and Ron & Ginny & Hermione with the Liquid Luck..

11) Bill getting clawed by Fenrir Greyback and him in the hospital with everyone around him..

12) Dumbeldores Funeral.. That would have been out of this world if they kept it in >:(

13) Tonks & Lupin in love..

Im sure i left stuffed out and if so comment :))

Arie XoOx
 posted by Harry Potter Forever 


Melanie said...8/6/09
I was soo disappointed I had to see it twice to be sure lol I thought that the quality of their acting had gone downlol EXCEPT Rupe Grint and Helena Bonham-Carter and of course Alan Rickman.....
Though Dan was quite good at the funny bits although RG outshone him by far!
I thought the one quiddich scene was pretty good considering they cut out the bit where they end up in hospital.
I also thought that the WORST part of the movie was how they cut out the whole Bill Weasley / Fenrir Greyback scene.

anyhoo yea..
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Phillips Pearce said...8/6/09
It make it hard for the wedding of Bill Weasly and Fleaur Delecour in the Deathly Hallows Part1 since the Engagement wasn't there

The house elves following Draco Malfoy wasn't there

They cut the whole Proffesor Trelawley scene too .
I was looking forward to those scenes seeing the house elves
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Susan Robson said...2/15/10
Do you know what, sometime die hard Harry Potter fans anoy the hell out of me. I for one love the films but i haven't read a single book, and i don't care. The film like the others are BASED on the books, so if you don't know what that means i strongly suggest you all look it up. Based however does not mean that every single detail that is in the books has to be spot on in the films and they can change things which either works better or looks better. If they put every single tiny detail from the books in the films, you'd end up with 6 hour films, on the other hand thats why Deathly Hallows is being split in to 2 films because they didn't want to leave anything out of the book, so then maybe you'll all be satisfied and if not don't grumble because filming comes to an end in May you know once both parts are out THATS IT so please appreciate this fantastic and outstanding franchise while we still have it and be greatful for it because nothing this spectacular will happen again:(
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