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"life's a cunt"

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about me302 weeks ago
Name ? shaun
Nickname ? duno
Single or taken - single but in love so dont evan think about it!
Sign - sagartarious
Sex - male
Lives with - step mum step dad n 2 step bro's
School - dnt go
iPod - dnt have 1
How many buddies on your list - duno
Hair Color - blond
Hair Long or Short ? short
Eye Color - blue
Are you health freak ? lil bit
Height ? 5,7
Do you have a crush on someone ? yh
Do you like yourself - lil bit
Braces ? no
Think your awesome? - nope
Piercings - ear
Tattoo - yh
Righty or Lefty - righty

Surgery ? aint had 1
Piercing - ear
First best friend ? joe
First Award ? duno
First Sport You Joined - footy
First pet ? dog
First vacation - spain
First Concert ? duno sumin in africa
First Proper love - abbie louise armes

Movie ? hills have eyes 1,2
Favorite tv show - family guy
Colour - baby blue
Music ? d&b
Drink ? stella
Spirit - tequela
Body part not on the face - duno
Favorite piece of clothing ? hoddy
What do you sleep with ? fone unda pillow
Favorite School - duno
Favorite Magazines - hip hop

I'm eating ? nuttin
I'm drinking - nuttin
I'm about to ? watch tv
Waiting For - laura to come home
Watching - computer screen
Wearing ? trousers t-shirt hat

Want Kids - yes
Want to Get Married - yes
Careers in Mind - plumber
Life - live it to the full

Haircut- duno
Injury- duno
Screw up- crash me bike
Enemy- duno
Experience- duno

Kissed a Stranger - no
Ran Away From Home ? yh
Broken a bone ? yh
Had an X-ray ? yh
Broken Someone's Heart ? probz sorry
Turned Someone Down - yh
Been To America - yh
Took Steroids - no
Had A Fight - yh

Your Nice Looking - sumtimes
Your Have Nice Hair - nope
You Have Nice Eyes - yh
Your A Good Dancer - dnt dance a rave:P
Your A Good Singer - nah
You Are A Nice Person - yh
You Are A Bit Of A Bitch - yh
You Love Yourself -no
 posted by Shaun Taylor 

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