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go on my way...212 weeks ago
Everything is flowing, i am looking forward something new everyday, trying to achieve more tasks as contribution that i can see these years , to build up inner commitment and maturity, also keeping up my spirit hopefully.

By the past experience, i learned what is happiness in life from lots of tears and smile to form my inner at the time being.Just share my love, make a grace always, then u'll find life is miracle and beautiful ..

Life is full of ups and downs, something is no choice and no reason..we live in two worlds., but i've had the beautiful moments with u...once u visited me.

Today is quite upset, the King of Pop passed away, and i drafted a long letter for u....

Reserved what is deserved. dont miss out your days.

kiki 26 Jun 09
a rainy Friday.
 posted by Linda Kiki 

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