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New Profile 3.0 Preview!224 weeks ago
Hey Beboers!

Although it's late in the day, we just wanted to share with you what we're working on for the next version of the profile! We're making a lot of changes that we know you'll love! Below is a preview so check it out!

As the day comes to an end for most of you, let me be the last to say Happy April Fools! With this layout, we just wanted to poke fun at you, some of our competitors, and even ourselves. :)

Sorry to those who fell for it. We'd be just as mad as you if that's what happened to the profiles. We'd never get rid of photos or skins. In fact, we think that skin users and skin creators will soon be very happy with what we have up our sleeves. ;)

We'll leave the image up for memory's sake.


- April 1st, 2009
 posted by Bebo Backstage 


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. said...4/1/09
you should'nt do april fools pranks after 12 :L
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Sparko said...4/1/09
That must of took ages.... not worth it :P

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Jessica. Done. said...4/1/09
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Rab Swan. . said...4/1/09
no skins :O ???
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Bulletproof said...4/1/09
just leave the way it is i like my skins :(
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Gangsta Bad Boy James Ryan said...4/1/09
i'm loving it bebo ;)
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KateyM said...4/1/09
Soz, dont like it :(

In particular I dont like the huge space taken up with advertising, fair enough when its at the top of the page, and isnt interferring with your profile, but its right smack bang in the middle of your profile where no-one can miss it, but I suppose thats the point.
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Nigel H said...4/1/09
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Pillwanter. said...4/1/09

isnt this picture putting bebo
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William Henderson said...4/1/09
It's fine.
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Campbell said...4/1/09
hates it :L
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Andy McLaren. said...4/1/09
whats the point in it
you enable us to have skins and then you take them away
one little strip
and what does it mean by "removing photos"
leave bebo as it is.. or should i said waz
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Charlotte Smith said...4/1/09
Meh it's okish.:D
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Manda said...4/1/09
I Don't Like It -.-"
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Pearly Robinson said...4/1/09
i dont like that at all... :O
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S Starr said...4/1/09
Dont Think Its Very Good lIke This .. I Think Its Better TO Have Your Skin On YA Bebo .. And ii DOnt Think Its A Gr8 Layout .. Thats Just My Opinion ii Suppose !

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Isaac. said...4/1/09
Its just a rip of facebook.
I prefer the old one.
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Kerry said...4/1/09
I wonder how many people forget it's April Fools?

And Bebo, you should know that it's bad play to pull a prank after 12!!
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Darren said...4/1/09
April fools!!!! :L :L good one bebo! Why would they change the layout to this stupid one when they still haven't finished the 2.0 version!
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- said...4/1/09

that's dreadful!
NEVER EVER make that the new bebo!
it's filthy! and the ad's are huge!!
and no skin? NO WAY!
this is totally wrong ):
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