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Bebo IM Update253 weeks ago
We are temporarily removing Bebo IM for maintenance. It will be restored as soon as possible. Check back here for updates.
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Alison McKeon said...9/11/08
Yay :L
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David said...9/11/08
Stfu nub.
Also, get rid of all the new links on profile pages, :Z
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Bekii. said...9/11/08
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James W said...9/11/08
It's ok. I'm fine without it ;)
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Vanessa said...9/11/08
Will it be optional when it returns, 'cause personally I don't want it.
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'Jack- said...9/11/08
Whats bebo im
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William. said...9/11/08
its like msn but shitter
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Mr Lazy said...9/11/08



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Mikey said...9/11/08
its crap anyways,
it always says all my friends are offline,
and thats a load of crap!!!
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Phil Shaw said...9/11/08
its shit anyway
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Lurch said...9/11/08
make it optional but make some page where u can see who is online something easy to access...
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Rossykins said...9/11/08
keep it off or at least make it optional
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Miles said...9/11/08
H8ed It...
Made Pages Take Longer To Load..
Never Used It Either (Y)
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Brian Borland said...9/11/08
I dont Like Bebo IM get rid of it haha!!

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Gareth said...9/11/08
ya it sucks...bring it back with more features!
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PC Tom Scott said...9/11/08
take the links of my profile it looks shit

get rid of the mobile spam stuff

and stop making all them bollocks movies which take up all my space

that is all
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Ally'Brennan said...9/11/08
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Stuart Campbell said...9/11/08
WITS WITH THE LINKS ON THE PROFILE PAGES?.. REMOVE IT!! Jesus it ruins everything :S (N)
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'Arlenee said...9/11/08
yay:) ..plz keep it off
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Emma. said...9/11/08

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