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Instant Message on Bebo? Yes!255 weeks ago
Something new and exciting has just popped up on Bebo! Is it unlimited love? Nope, sorry, already been done. It is it a page view cheat? Noo, even better! It's Bebo IM!

Check out the cute little black box in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Click on it, and you'll find your Bebo friends already there -- ready to chat with you. Their profile pic even does a hoppy little dance when they want to speak with you. There are a few other slick features available with Bebo IM. For instance, if someone's bothering you -- you can block them or report abuse by clicking on the settings button. Also, you can talk to tons of people at once, so you can line the bottom of your screen with your friends. We hope you like this new, fast way to talk to your friends online. Let us know what you think!
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Olliee. said...8/22/08
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Keith O' said...8/22/08
Oh kay
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Bill said...8/22/08
Its buggy as shit.
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Daniel Dynamite said...8/22/08
awesome :D
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Andy G said...8/22/08
kl feature...
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Mikey said...8/22/08
no one gets my messages >:(
and i didnt know wtf it was, it looked like an advertisement for a phone!!
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Jude said...8/22/08
was wondering waht that was
seeign as been on hols for 2 weeks it confuzzled me lol
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Tasha Sikyta said...8/22/08
mine doesn't work:S
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Lara - Lily said...8/22/08
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Alan Doyle said...8/22/08
Me likey, me really likey, was wondering what that black thing was on the page lol
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Louise Russell said...8/22/08
tons of bugs.... lotsa times when people been messaging me and once the messages get to the bottom of the first screen (it being full) it doesn't show any more messages....

is there gonna be a "opt out" for this feature? cause I'm not sure I want it...
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Mr Lazy said...8/22/08
no one gets my messages

and my bebo has slowed right down.


bebo turning into facebook?

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A.C. said...8/22/08
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Tyrrell said...8/22/08
Hw cum ya cant do it on bebo mobile? :( :(
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Hyakki Yagyou Mode said...8/22/08
I dont like it
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Hannah Grime said...8/22/08
Mine dosen't even work!! sort it outttttttttttttttttttt
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Nina said...8/22/08
its annoying.

i dont want it tbh.

im happy with msn so its kinda pointless.

can it be optional instead??
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Zoë said...8/22/08
I like it (: But once again, it looks a bit like bebo's copied facebook...
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Katie'S Old Bebo said...8/22/08

its crap
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Ben A said...8/22/08
It's a good idea, but the box itslef is a bit annoying.
If you hide it it just comes back on when you go onto a new page!! >:(
It sorta gets in the way a bit.
But good idea. Even if it is sorta coppying facebook a little.
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