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Season of Giving34 weeks ago
Hey Beboers,

As the season of giving approaches, the Bebo team has decided to spark the season off with a bang. We wanted to give thanks, appreciation and of course our luv. Did I say luv?

Yes I did. From November 20th - 25th there will be unlimited luv for all of our faithful Bebo Users.

In addition, we wanted to give thanks to the AOL users that have been patient while we've been working through some small technical glitches. Team Bebo arranged a feast with AOL and we came together to resolve our issues by sharing with one another. Well not exactly, but it sounds cooler comparing ourselves to pilgrims.

So continue to spread the giving, spread the thanks and most importantly spread the luv.

Much Luv,

Team Bebo
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Roz Bennetts said...11/20/12
What a sweet idea :) <3
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John P Kehoe. said...11/20/12
small technical glitches ?? are you serious they were more than small and yet there are still some glitches in the system ??
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'Goldilocks. said...11/20/12
So much for the love.@_@
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Shazenne FoxFire said...11/20/12
I agree with John theres still many glitches and I hope ya all fix them soon Bebo. dont leave us faithful Beboers out in the cold. Happy Thanksgiving Bebo team :*
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Gary Lennon said...11/21/12
:O i would rather see more improvements new features and more useful updates from team bebo. rather than be notified of free luv. and even thats the only thing said. :O we have been left in the dark and this is all we hear from bebo since almost 4 months and the comments dated jun 26th twitter is a year out of date.what is happening is there anybody left there is the site almost ready for closure and what can we expect to see before the year is out? thats all my feedback it would be good if bebo could share something with us so we feel were not waiting around wasting time for nothing else to happen.:/ sorry to be blunt about it all bebo but im just leaving this as feedback. i no people are not happy using it most of my m8s didnt wana wait around anymore for bebo to improve because it hasnt.
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John P Kehoe. said...11/21/12
Well said Gary sounds just about right ?? Plus i did hear recently bebo will be closing in a few months so thats probably why they aint bothered updating ???
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Debbie said...11/22/12
Really John? Where did you hear that? This rumor has been going around for years now..
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John P Kehoe. said...11/22/12
cant remember exactly where i seen that debbie but it would make sense as hardly anything works on BEBO these days ?? i did send bebo an email but of course they replied but didnt answer the question :O
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Josh Thomson said...11/27/12
that meebo bar is a right mess the friends menu is near enough in the middle of the bar and i usually keep it up. now its just in the way to keep it open. all this google buttons all over it also. makes me think were switchin from bebo to google+ im not interested in it. i seen the comments thats a very long time to be out of date lazyness with approving them when people want to no wats going on with the site. more updates would be much appreciated bebo instead of being out in the cold. guessing whats ment to happen. i just putin people of using bebo and end up closing there accounts i dont think u want that.
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Anna Bolina said...11/29/12
I didn't know there was free luv:O ......would really be great if feed from groups appeared in the lifestream!!

I've given up waiting for all the new features...
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Josh Thomson said...11/30/12
feed isnt working properly have to post more than once.
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Chaotic Twins said...12/3/12
I loved the unlimited luv! But can't you fix bebo! The lifestreams aren't working or the email, bebo won't sent me emails to my email so I can't change password and stuff, please fix bebo..
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Joey Davison said...1/3/13
My friends and I were having a debate on what is their perfect height in a man. Can you please vote in my poll and choose your perfect height?
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