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Update: New Features, Feedback Forum & Future Plans!118 weeks ago
Hey Bebo'ers!
What a crazy 24 hours!

Thanks so much to the thousands of you who have already been using the new Lifestream features and the new notifications system. To all of you who have told us how much you appreciate the update, thanks!

To those of you who have expressed concerns or have been upset by the new features, please know that we're listening carefully, that we really do care what you think, and that we're already hard at work, making tweaks and changes, and doing everything we can to ensure you'll fall in love with the update too! We know that change is always unsettling. You get used to something and it's a little uncomfortable when it changes. But change is also how we grow and evolve as a community.

We at Bebo love our users and will fight to the death to prevent getting rid of the things that make our community unique. Despite what some of you might think from time to time, we have absolutely no intention to "become" just like some other site. But as users of Bebo ourselves we realize there are always little things that can make all our lives easier.

The Lifestream changes are just one example. We realized that the Lifestream, as it existed prior to yesterday, was terribly broken. Updates wouldn't appear. Comments would disappear. Notifications from many of your friends never even showed up. So we took it upon ourselves to completely rewrite the Lifestream from scratch -- but while still keeping everything that was in it intact. Was our first go perfect? Of course not. But over the next hours and days you'll see it continue to improve ... based on feedback from you!

So first, an apology! We quickly realized our mistake yesterday when profile comments started appearing in the Lifestream. We realize those exchanges are meant to be private and we immediately removed them from the new Lifestream. Over the next few days we will be taking a closer look at the privacy model of the entire site with an eye towards figuring out which kinds of things you might want to celebrate with your friends and which things you want to keep very private.

In addition, we've asked the product team to share with us a few of the fixes and updates they're working on that you can expect to see in the very near future. Let us know in the comments if your change isn't here!

-- We will be adding the Mail notification icon back in the header.
-- In order to cut down on the volume of stuff in the Lifestream we will be introducing two different views -- Most Relevant and Most Recent. Most Recent will show you all your friends' most recent activities whereas Most Relevant will only show you the things we think you'll find most interesting.
-- In addition, we will begin grouping similar kinds of Lifestream items together so you will only see, for example, one entry when a friend uploads a bunch of photos rather than one entry for each photo!
-- You will be able to filter specific friends or specific kinds of notifications out of the Lifestream.
-- Conversely, you'll soon be able to view Lifestream items by what kind of items they are.
-- And finally, we're super excited about a couple of brand new iPhone and Android apps that are just around the corner!

Again, we LOVE everyone's feedback -- both good and bad! -- and we NEED it to keep us on track as we continue to build great features for Bebo. So, starting today, we're launching a special forum where you can suggest, and even vote on, ways that we can make the site even better. Check out and let us know what you think. We'll certainly be keeping a close eye on things over there, ourselves.

And one more thing...
Believe it or not, Bebo's turning five years old next month and we've got some amazing things planned! I'd say more, but I'm under strictest orders not to breathe a word just yet. So keep checking back.

And as always, make sure to follow us at @TeamBebo on Twitter!

Lots of Luv :) :) ,
The Bebo Team
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Debbie said...4/12/11
Can't wait to see what is in store for Bebo's Birthday next month!
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Sëbastïan Bëbo Tëmmïnk said...4/12/11
Nice 1 bebo

I tag this blog "Cool"
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Tim Shundo said...4/12/11
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Bєllα Blαck Wolf said...4/12/11
Thank God you were listening! *laughs* That really was crazy last night, some people stopped commenting each other when they realised that everyone could see what they were saying, which sort of negated the whole networking site ethos really...
You're bringing back the mail icon? *does a happy dance* woooohooo! I missed that mail icon so much! (Could you please make an option where I can press a button and destroy that notification box though, that would give me great satisfaction...)
I'm keeping my fingers crossed over the next few days, but thanks for posting this blog and letting us all know that you're actually listening!
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Diva Dliteful said...4/12/11
I Luv Bebo No Matter What U Guys Do To It! U The Staff at Bebo R Only Trying To Mke Bebo a Better Social Networking Site For People so People Shld Appreciate What U R Doing instead of Whining About How U R Improving It! Congratz To U All At Bebo U R Doing Great with Everything :D
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MIsstress Aurora said...4/12/11
think the new changes r awryte :)
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Ann said...4/12/11
its ok like the old lifestream b8tr
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TashaG said...4/12/11
3 way mailing
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Ä said...4/12/11
Prefer the old lifestseam system this one is too weird
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Rubyx Cube said...4/13/11
Thank you ever so much for addressing our concerns..your plans for the home page sound a lot better, but I would also like to see the option to access my comments from my home page again. I am not sure if you intend on doing this. This feature worked really well when making longer comments and keeping track of the letter count..and wow...happy birthday Bebo..!!!
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Paul F said...4/13/11
It's nice to actually be a member of a social networking site in which theres a sort of close connection with the staff and the users of site.

I have to commend Bebo for that it's done since the takeover, the site really was in the dumps, but the takeover has seen a vast improvement on the site!

Bebo offers a lot which Facebook doesn't, and although there aren't as many users as Facebook, that sort of makes it seem a more personal experiance rather than a public experiance which Facebook offers.

I do have one querie though, I am unable to access the Miniplanet Application page where we can rate the app etc. I got in contact with Suzy, a moderator of the app and she said she had never seen anything like it before. I have emailed but have had no reply.

Anyway, good work Bebo! It's nice to know the staff are listening to it's users feedback to give an all round good experiance :)

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- said...4/13/11
' coould ya puut the pendinq commnts and friend request nd& friends stories back on the homepage pleaaaaaaas !! its waaay too hard too find everything now ?!?!?!
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Kevin Lajoie said...4/13/11
i dont have anything on my lifestream :( i dont know if its not norking
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º Tara º said...4/13/11
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-ώεïɾḋøღ said...4/13/11

Great work Bebo. I'm sure you've made a lot of people happier with the site again :3
And i look forward to Bebo's birthday next month! x3

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Francis Knowles said...4/13/11
High five bebo
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Anonfx said...4/14/11
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Skyé - said...4/14/11
No. Just no. You're turning into Facebook, what with the whole notifications thing; saying you don't want to be like other sites is bullshit. Bebo is practically Facebook V. 2, so get your act together and steer back towards the old Bebo everyone loved. <3 Change can be bad when you already had something perfect.
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Jo said...4/15/11
i cant get use to the new way yus put the home page yous need to put it back to the old page that was better :(
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