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Yes i did write this.172 weeks ago
I miss the memorys, the good times.
When you are little and know no pain but the feeling of skinning your knee 'cause you were being a little wreakless on your brand new bike!
The feeling of true joy at your friends feats!
When you go on you first rollercoaster ride and feel literally on top of the world!
When telling your parents you loved them was as natural as breathing!
When the only time you thought your heart was broken was when you saw your sister upset and cry!
When you thought death was 100 years away!
When life never failed you!

But over the years you realise that no matter how hard you try, the memorys are going to fade!
The pain will be deeper than 2mm of skin!
You will put on a smile and never remember the feeling of being on top of the world!
Your heart will break 'cause of a stupid boy and youll tell yourself you hate your parents!
You realise death could be just around the corner!

But you ALWAYS make it RIGHT!

-Jaime-Lee Prestidge.
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