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bebo bar kitchen is now open!!!!!!313 weeks ago
apologies to all those with hunger pains!!

kitchen is now up and running.

a la carte menu

sirloin steak with pepper sauce
chicken in a mushroom cream
salmon in a dill sauce

all above served with selection of potatoes and seasonal vegetables

snack menu

1/2lb steak burgers
chicken burgers
chilli cheese wedges
onion rings

special menu

bebo bar platter:- wedges
chicken wings
chicken strips
bbq ribs

served with your choice of dips
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Blow Bubbles said...8/21/07
im feeling hungry so i'll have

the chicken in a mushroom sauce
with all the trimmings and a side order of
onion rings plz

got any deserts?
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Gogs said...8/22/07
a'l hav the chicken an mushroom sauce wi oot the mushrooms, an a steak medium rare wi pepper sauce plz
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TroubleMakerr. said...8/25/07
chips + 2 chicken burgers plz
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Blow Bubbles said...8/26/07
can i have the bebo bar platter with
sweet chilli and garlic dips plz yummmmmmy :D
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Tony Else said...9/13/07
bring on the BBQ Ribs m8 Chips on the side
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Linz said...9/19/07
Well i am absolutely starvin so i will have sirloin steak with pepper sauce potatoes and seasonal vegetables and a side portion of onion rings. with a vodka red bull to wash it all down :D :D :D :D :P :P :P mmmmmmmm AM HUNGRY x
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Blow Bubbles said...9/21/07
i've got the munchies so i'll have

a chicken burger with all the trimings
and a bebo bar platter with all the dips
and apacket of cheese and onion crisps
plz waitress x
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Miss B said...10/9/07
a packet of cheese and onion crisps
Please :)


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Gerald Heffernan said...10/15/07
can we get a carry out from this gaffe n a takeaway munchy too cos if there is no lock in Im going back to my place.
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Scott Marshall said...11/11/07
plate of chicken wings please an a pint
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Lazarus Nightwolf said...12/2/07
Can I have

Sirlion steak with pepper sauce
1/2lb steak burger
onion rings
bbq ribs

served with a side order of tartar sauce and salsa.Thanks.
Btw,could you get me a pint of your finest pint Castle Larger.Thanks.
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Nadzeeaa said...12/6/07
Al hav it all! n mak it snappy! lol
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Cossië Jnr said...3/3/08
surf & turf
sirlon steak with pepper sauce can i have chips with it
onion rings

ccan i have two of them lovely stuff
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Scott Marshall said...3/25/08
1/2lb steak burgers with chips please
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Heart Of Thunder said...8/29/08
anything vegetarian going.......?
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