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"ART teaches nothing except the significance in life."

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10 SIMPLE RULES 288 weeks ago
1. EVERY comment counts as a vote

2. your not allowed to vote for yourself >.< losers

3. no fake drawing should be entered. or drawing not drawn by you.

4. invite new people to band. we got more comments that way ^^

5. if you want an art in an album you MUST fill the application form and add the owner.

6. each poll is a diffrent competition. click for the one you want to enter.

7.Winners wil b anounced every month
1st prize gets 3 heart[s]
2nd prize gets 2 heart[s]
3rd prize gets 1 heart[s]

8. no discimination allowed. RESPECT is essential or you WILL be reported.

9. give us ur new concept inovations as we apriciate new ideas. any compaint shhould be left on the complaint bog.

10. ENJOY YOURSELVES! its your art.
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