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OXEGEN 09!!! :)210 weeks ago
- Blue Camp baby!! B28;)
- Nobody is safe...MJ's baaaaaack!! :L
- "Sarah shut the fuck up its five in the morning!" -MARY
- SHEEEEEEEEEEILA..."sheila's gone home!!!"
- Our taxi ride with noooooootorious B.I.G.... never forget B.I.G... he was pimping!!
- i cant breathe!! i need....... (dot dot dot) ......... OXEGEN!!! :L :L
- Katy Perry.. Lady Gaga.. Blizzards, KILLERS, Duke Special, Blur, The Script, Snow Patrol, Razorlight, Jason Mraz.. unreal:))
- our tent gettin FLATTENED on the last nite... "where r my harp medals!!"
- Being robbed while we were IN the tent! Brid: "HEY YOU!!! yeah YOU!! in the blue n red shorts.... would ya mind not doin that again!!:L :L
- Wet... mucky... FREEZING!!!
- No Money!!
- Free Food;) "You're fair sexy makin chips!!" :L
- "we put a worm in a glass... nw he's pure fucked!" " do ya no!!?"
- denis's pottery makin in his pants!!:L
- "you hav the curliest hair in the whole world... i hav neva seen anythin like it in my whole life" -denis to brid
up the VERY front for the killers... amazin!! :D and talkin to danny from the script in the queue:D :L PLUS me arguin with that DOPE who tinks st pats is betr than mary i... i dont THINK so jack jones:L
- tommy to a randomer: "do u luv wavin?" randomer: "oh i LOVE wavin!" :L :L
- chris' TWIN... (it was a girl!)!!
- sinead's birthday puddin!!:L
- after the blizzards on saturday wen it PISSED RAIN........ soooo cold!! wanted to die!!! :( :L
- "i'm in a suggen, i'm in a suggen!!" -tommy
- our period tent!!:L :L thanks 4 that lads.......
- sum girl: "hey will u write UP TIPP on my back?! "ya course...." but then i write "I LOVE WAVIN.." she was nooooot happy:L :D
- Huggin randomers!!!

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Jenny Quigley said...7/14/09
Don't forget "Well bitch, what's the craic? I LOVE your tits....I love your arse" :L :L
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Brid Breen said...7/14/09
in fairness sarah jack jones had his point!!!!!:L :L :L :L :L :L :L :P
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Mary Finnegan said...7/14/09
Dont forget on the way in... Your man shoutin hey you in the white hat! Me: turnin round.. Who me?! Random guy: SHOW US YOUR TITS!!!:L :L :L
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Sarah Casey said...7/15/09
WELL BITCH.... how could i forget:L :L

shup brid!!!:P :P

and mary...priceless!!:L :L

me gettin thick at the FAKE telletubbies... wouldnt get into the pic r anythin:L :L
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Katie O Brien said...7/15/09
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Emma Carr said...7/15/09
:L :L :L :L :L griffindor
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Brid Breen said...7/15/09
Send dis message to ten 10 tipperary fans b4 da munster final to
support the blue n gold!!
by not sending this msg u ar a reptile and will recieve unwantd wavin 2nite
and i love giving it.
frm d wavin appreciation group founded in killenaule 1884
UP TIPP!!!!! -------tommys chain message!!!!!!:L :L :L :L :P
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Sarah Casey said...7/23/09
"HOP ON!" - Chris Horan:L
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