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describe's me best ;]255 weeks ago
1. could sleep all day
2. think getting up in the morning is the worst thing in the entire world
3. hate how morning people are always so peppy (who in their right mind can be happy in the morning?)
4. would sometimes rather sleep than eat (GASP!)
5. hate to see any human in the morning and have the sudden urge to kill them when they try to talk to you (It's the morning, SHUT UP!)
6. hate the world if you don't get those coveted 12 hours of sleep you need
7. sometimes daydream about sleeping
8. wonder why college students stay up so late- go to bed, or at least let me sleep!
9. get up only early enough to make sure that you have time to get dressed, brush your teeth, and walk out the door (Who cares about anything else!?)
10. are baffeled at "those people" who enjoy getting up, taking a shower, and looking cute EVERY MORNING! (What is with that?!?!?!?)
11. laught at people who go to breakfast (Who would waste that precious time eating when you could be sleeping!?)
12. sleep all day and still feel tired
13. think "the nap" is the best thing that has happed to the world since sliced bread
14. hit the snooze button around 10 times every morning
15. look forward to the weekend simply because you can sleep in
16. consider sleeping a hobby (and one that you are very good it!)
17. wish you could grow up and be a "professional sleeper"
18. think how much sleep you will get in your job is a very important factor to consider when thinking about what job you are going to have
19. think you have "chronic sleep-deprivation" even though you get more than enough sleep
20. will be instantly put in a bad mood if your sleep is disturbed in any way
21. can sleep anywhere
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Kitty. said...9/3/08
weyy, it's all about sleep, yess. =]

although some people wouldn't let me sleep, haha. no worries :D
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