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SLIPKNOT Guitarist THOMSON Comments On MALEVOLENT CREATION Guest Appearance307 weeks ago
SLIPKNOT guitarist Mick Thomson has commented on his guest appearance on the song "Deliver My Enemy" on the new MALEVOLENT CREATION album, "Doomsday X".

Due in the U.S. on July 17 via Nuclear Blast Records and in Europe on August 24 via Massacre Records, the CD was recorded and engineered at Mercury Recording Studios in Pompano Beach, Florida by longtime friend and producer (and sometimes session member) Gus Rios, and is said to be the most diverse MALEVOLENT CREATION album recorded to date and "without a doubt their fastest!!"

Listen to the song "Deliver My Enemy" at this location.http://www.myspace.com/mickthomson2

Said Thomson: "I played the second lead (starts at 3:22 and goes until 3:55). Jon Rubin played the first (1:13 - 1:43).

"I am proud beyond words to have been asked to be part of this recording and I am grateful to be able to call them friends.

"My part was recorded using one of my Ibanez RG customs through a Line 6 pod pro that I tweaked and engineered by Sid Wilson (yeah, SLIPKNOT Sid) at his studio here in Des Moines. I dont know how soon it will be before he starts recording and producing other bands. He certainly has the fucking talent.

"Again, I'm proud to be a part of the CD. I was playing 'The Ten Commandments' in the darkroom of my photo class in high school and pissing everyone off. Fucking surreal.

"Love you, guys."
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