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about kakashi315 weeks ago
At the age of 13, Kakashi achieved Jonin status. As a reward for his accomplishment, he was assigned to lead his team on a sabotage mission to blow up a bridge in order to prevent enemy forces from attacking Konoha. Shortly after the mission started, Kakashi's teammate, Rin was captured by enemy shinobi. Kakashi's other teammate, Obito Uchiha immediately stated his intention to save her, but Kakashi said they had to focus on completing the mission, opting not to make the same mistake his father had. Though Kakashi believed that they had to complete their objective, Obito eventually convinced him that his father had done the right thing in saving his teammates, causing Kakashi to join in on the rescue effort.

During their attempt to save Rin, Kakashi lost his left eye as a result of an enemy ninja's attack. To protect Kakashi, Obito managed to awaken his Sharingan and killed Kakashi's assailant. Soon after saving Rin, Obito again saved Kakashi, pushing him out of the way of another enemy's rock-dislodging attack but getting crushed in the process. Shortly before he died, Obito had Rin (a medical ninja) implant his Sharingan eye in Kakashi's damaged eye socket as a gift. As his first act with his new eye, Kakashi avenged Obito by killing the enemy ninja with his now-perfected Chidori technique, bringing the Kakashi of today into being.

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