"I Love You Karl (: 31.12.2007 - Forever x"

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Lauren'Ox264 weeks ago
Full Name: Lauren Angela Roxanne Mitchell
Birthday: 4th October 1992
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Male or Female: Female! obv
School Year - 11
School: Sutton Centre!
Occupation: School
Residence: Sunny Sutton!!

Hair Color: Black and purple!! (natural blonde though) :P
Hair Length: Middle
Eye color: Blue/Green
Weight: About right
Height: 5 foot 3 (:
Braces?: Naah
Glasses? :Naah
Piercings: Ears & Belly (:
Tattoos: Naah
Righty or Lefty: Righty

First "REAL" best friend: Megan Jessop
First Award: Netball (:
First Sport : Swimming (:
First pet: Doggy, Kimmy Miss her!
First Real Vacation: Fuerteventura!
First Concert: None
First Bf: Gareth Holmes (i think lol)
First True Love: Karl Spours! (:

Movie: Americal Pies
TV programme: Skins
Colour: Pink, Purple & Blue
Song Right Now: Run (:
Friends: Lotsh (:
Sweet: Fizzy wine gums!
Sport to Play: Netball
Restuarant: Franky & Bennies
Favorite Shop: New Look & Primark
School Subject: Art & Drama
Animal: Monkey
Book: Nahh..
Magazine: Love it, closer & reveal (:
Shoes: Flats (:

Feeling: Loved! (:
Single or Taken?: Taken! By Karl
Have a crush on: Nahh
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Nothing
Typing: Erm.. Now?!
Online?: Yeahhh
Listening To: Karl Sing :S
Thinking About: That'd be telling
Wanting To: Go on holiday! :D
Watching: Tele :P

In My Futuree
Want Kids?: Yeahh!
Want to be Married?: Yeahh!
Careers in Mind: Teacher (:
Where do you want to live: Waless!
Car: Dunno yet, got to be purple :P

The Opposite Sex
Hair color: blonde or brown (:
Hair length: Don't mind, shorter than mine though lmao!
Eye Colour: Anyy (:
Measurments: Taller than mee (:
Cute or Sexy: Both!
Lips or Eyes: Both!
Hugs or Kisses: Bothhh!
Short or Tall: Taller than me
Easygoing or serious: Bothhh..
Romantic or Spontaneous: Bothhh..
Fatty or Skinny: Nice and Normal (:
Sensitive or Loud: Bothhh!
Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship
Sweet or Caring: Both!

Have You Evaa..
Kissed a Stranger: Naah
Had Alcohol: Yeshh
Smoked: Naah never
Ran Away From Home: Naah no need
Broken a bone: Yeah ):
Got an X-ray: Yeah
Been with someone: As in go out, yeah (:
Broken Someones Heart: Doubt it
Broke Up With Someone: Nope never
Cried When Someone Died: Yeahh
Cried At School: Yeahhh

Do I Believe In
God: Naah
Miracles: sometimes
Love At First sight: Yeahh (:
Holiday Romance: Not really
Ghosts: Yeahh!
Aliens: Naah
Soul Mates: Yeah! (:
Heaven: Like to Believe so
Hell: Naah
Angels: don't think so
Kissing on The First Date: Depends..
Horoscopes: Most of the time (:
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