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My Family314 weeks ago

who do you wanna be in my little family?post a comment who.
My girlfriend = Bernie
My mummy=
My Daddy =
My Big brothers = Tristan
My Little brother= Ste Duckie
My Big sisters =
My little sister=
My sister and a half =
My son = Rob
My Grandson = Alex A
My Valentine =
My Sexy best friend =
My Other best friend =
My sMexy Niece\"s =
My Nephews =
My Slave =
My Shopoholic friend =
My Crazy Siamese twin =
My truly honest person= Tristan
My Gay Friends=
My special excentric alcoholic=
The Person That Makes Me Smile= Bernie
My Horny Friend=
My Crazy Buddy= Tristan
My Bebo Bud=
My Next Door Neighbour= [S]ean S
My love =
My inspiration=
My god=
My Stalker= [L]linos
My Bitch =
My Fairy god mother=
My mad friend= Rob
my other half =
my owner =
my randomer =
my cupcake buddie =
my rockstar buddie =
my always bored friend =
my cuz=
My loverrrr= Bernie
My a7x buddy= (M)att Y
My Shred Buddy = Matt Y
My Ginga Ninja Monkey Who Plays Guitar = Sion R
 posted by Aj 


Anna Baybee said...7/20/07
welllllll i wana b in ur family bt i dunno which 1 lmao
wa do ya think???

lv ya
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.Haggis. said...7/23/07
i culd b half of da ppl in ur family lol, jst cnt pick wich 1 lol
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Glesni Haf said...7/27/07
i wanna b ur fairy god mother nd ur special excentric alcoholic:D coz ya no...since u luff me:D lol cya xxxxxxx
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Steve Rowlands said...8/10/07
can i be ur little bro, as i am younger dan u
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.Haggis. said...8/22/07
aj aj aj, i decided wt i wanna b nw! :D i wanna b ur lover cos yano hehe
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Sam Walton said...12/6/07
lol nice addition for matt there...2 secs im lookin, ok i wanna b fairy god mother....but glesni does too....but she smells strange so pick me :D
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Tristan Q said...5/28/08
dude i have 2 be ur big bro, ur randomer, and ur crazy buddy
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