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Poetry Meanings318 weeks ago
Out of The Ordinary:

i wrote this when i was about 15. i hadnt seen my dad since i was 5 and i guess this is what i imagined him to be like. i thought he would take away all my troubles and make my life so much better. i thought that he would love me so much and when he finally came back, he would love me like no one has loved me ever before. it is simply a reflection of the hope i had about him.


this one is pretty self explanatory. it was raining, i was scared (it was a storm actually) and i was like, well since i have no power, i may as well write under the flashlight. so i did. and it was cool. it has a certain feeling of anticipation and fear, but that kind of fades away towards the last few stanzas. i have always been facinated by the power of mother nature and this kinda reflects that too.

The Phone Call:

okay, so more about my dad. i had been trying for ages to get in touch with my dad and when i finally had the chance it scared the absolute shit out of me. the main fear, i think, was the possibility that i might have to talk to my step-mum instead of him. and i do not like that woman. so when i was dialling the phone i was shit-scared and i had no idea what to expect. the poem really just tells the story of what i was feeling. its pretty straight forward.

The musician's nightmare:

so this relates to me when i used to perform for music. i would get real nervous and freak out a lil bit/a lot! but in the end, the music and the passion for playing music kinda over-rides all the nerves.

The Rip:

this poem is incredibly deep if you knew what happened at the time. i was struggling with the death of my close friend, my dad had just messed up my life and i had pushed away all my friends and family. the poem sounds kind of light-hearted in places cos i was pretending that my life wasnt half as bad as it actually was. but in reality i was spiralling down-hill and fast. fortunately i pulled through that and moved a lil forward, but it still reminds me of those times..

I Turned into You:

this poem i wrote in time of heartbreak - it isnt exactly true, but i have seen it happen to a few of my friends and it made me think about how girls can lose their sense of identity just to please their man. we seem to be all for confidence and individuality when we are single, but as soon as we find a boy that likes us, we ditch all of that if it means we are in a relationship. sometimes we dont let go of our entire identity, but when we sacrifice, we do it big. i felt like i needed to write about this and remind myself not to let it happen to me.

more to come later, i promise. :)
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