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BLONDES314 weeks ago
wer sexy,wer cute,wer popular to boot
wer bithes wit great hair,the boys all love to stare
wer wanted,wer hot,wer everything ur not.
wer pretty,wer cool,we dominate this school.

who are we ?
just geuse,guys whant to touch ur chest
wer rockin,we smile,and many think wer vile.
wer flying we jump u can look but dont u hump

wer dangeruos we roar
we swear wer not hores we wash and we dry
we make reds and brunettes cry.
don't hate us cause wer beautyful

well we don't like you either
we are blondes we are blondes ROLL CALL !

i am niamh
and c c c chloe grrrrr
just call me sinead
dude it's noaise
wer still big blondes

we sizzel,we skorch
but now they pass the torch and the balleds
are in and one coulor has to win
its perky its fun and now
its no. 1

B B B Blondes
B B B Blondes
wer stronge and wer loud wer
goin to make you pruod B B B Blondes
the best are blondes

we are the blondes
we are the blondes the mighty mighty blondes
we are the best we must be
BLONDES !!!!!!!
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