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Hero's287 weeks ago
Heros are strange things in cartoons they are big strong people who don't need help, howeber everyone is someones hero at some point but we're not all strong.

My family especially mum are big hero's holding things together for everyone but even with them, without my true friends i couldn't have lasted the last 8 months. Thank you so much, you are all my hero's you help when your needed even when your not asked you know how to and when to help. Cartoons say hero's are strong but they're not always, they are ordinary people with ordinary problems that without others may seem daunting but surronded by friendship and love anything can be overcome.

So any problems let me know i'll try and help even if you think i can't its worth a try, unlikely people have helped me before and its sparked off new levels of frienship.
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Jon Bowen said...1/21/08
That's true actually, well said! Was I one of those heroes? LOL
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