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Me and Kealys beach story.224 weeks ago

it all began when kealy needed to pee.

but that is irrelevant.

ok, so we decided, on a cold(ish) summers night, stroling along the beach so we could get to the pub, that it would be fun to run into the sea.

but then the top of our jeans got wet.

so we decided it would look stupid, because people would be like, why the fuck did you run into the sea on a freezing cold night!?

so we decided, if we sat down in the sea, we could make it out that we fell into the river.

but we thought we would be really cold, so we took off our hoodies first, so as we would have something to keep us warm.

so we sat down in the sea and froze our arshes off.

then we were putting our hoodies back on when i decided i would take my top off first and carry it, so my hoodie wouldnt get wet too.

So, i practicly strip on the beach, remembering that it was late evening, and presuming there was no one else on the beach... so when i strip off, i look behind me, and theres a 50 year old guy looking at me (but walking the opposite direction) so theres me standing in my bra and soaking jeans.

so i put on my hoodie, then we realise...


now we 'accidentaly' fell into the river, but both of us just happened to not be wearing our jumpers.


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