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the lost art of losing281 weeks ago
There is an art to losing. It takes a special person of unusually bad habits to achieve the highestranks in the art of losing. Sad to say, the older I get the closer these loftier ranks become. First it was my head that started to grow a "sunroof" and I lost most of my hair and I definitelydid not like that. Then it was my teeth but I have a good dentist so no one will ever know. I still do not like losing anything but now I have had to accept it and/or try to find ways to avoid it. Losing is only good for debt, weight and bad politicians. Now what does "loosing" have to do with windows? Have you ever walked through a window factory and seen a clean floor? Usually there is debris of some sort on the floor from vinyl scraps to broken glass to discarded aluminum pieces. When I see this I see dollar signs. I see wasted money. There may never be a window factory that uses 100% of every piece of material that it purchases with zero waste but every window and door manufacturer must daily strive to reduce expensive material shrinkage. If not then they are accomplishing the art of loosing through complacency. This is called ?Complacency Losing.? This is also true of the inert gas used to fill Insulated Glass Unit's (IGU's). If an IGU manufacturer puts argon or krypton in their window or door via a hand filled system then, on average, there is approximately 30 to 40% waste of gas per window. Only 60 to 70%% of the gas will end up in any IGU. I hate this! I see dollar signs being sent into the air. Now there are many good reasons for this waste of gas starting with "speeding up" the filling time per window to reduce labor. However this only causes turbulent flow within the IGU and sends more expensive gas into the atmosphere. (See chart #1) You should always follow the recommended gas filling procedures by your equipment manufacturer. Trying to "speed up" IGU manufacturing byreducing the gas fill time causes a greater loss of gas then needed and therefore decreases productivity. This is called ?Shooting yourself in the foot losing? and it hurts.
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The Abominable Dr Little said...12/17/08
I would hate to lose anything.

Like a game for instance, i would hate to lose a game.
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