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Bad day winners206 weeks ago
Many thanks to everyone who shared their tales of ?one of those days?... We were torn between laughter and sympathy reading them, and here are a couple of our favourites (winning their creators signed Joshua photos):

Kaytee Calvert, Facebook:

First Day Of Year 9. Lost my school money, and my PE kit... after school, i hung out with my mates and a boy i liked... i got pushed over [as a joke] onto my back, and my drink can busted... in the end destroying my psp, my phone and my mp3 [had to replace them all], and had to travel home with a huge wet stain on my back and a dripping schoolbag... yeah definitely one of those days...

Becci: MySpace:

I?m somewhat clumsy and seem to stand on/accidentally kick mirrors, so we?ll blame my bad luck on that ? here?s one of my cursed days from this year:.. ..I was buzzing with excitement because this was going to be my first paid, journalistic photography job. So you can imagine my disappointment when I wake up and find that my camera has decided to break. This is the second worst thing that could happen to a photographer. I should have realised at this precise moment that perhaps it was a ?sign? suggesting that the whole day was going to go wrong, but no, I carried on and went into news conference hoping that it would fix itself. Well plan A failed, I skipped my politics lecture and drove to my nearest Jessops to get it fixed. ?It will take 6-8 weeks to fix? at this point I thought it was just one of those silly dreams, but I wasn?t waking up. My friends forced me to let go and hand it over... ..I got back and went to help them set up filming for tonight and had to borrow the university?s camera instead, without knowing how it worked. My lecturer wouldn?t let me leave filming and so when I eventually sneaked out I ran back to the newsroom in the pouring rain (we?re talking British rain here ? torrential rain). I foolishly borrowed my best friend?s strapless bra because I hadn?t had the time to go and get one myself. I didn?t realise how much bigger her chest was than mine and so ended up with an enormous black bra peeping out over the top of my bright yellow dress, making me look like a bumblebee in front of a room full of professionals. .. ..After the event I went to the pub and started editing my photos, then at closing time got chucked out and went back home to the warmth of my duvet, to continue editing all through the night. Two hours sleep and the next day started? .. ..I?d forgotten I had to sit a test, so I yawned my way through it, counting down the time until I could go home. Little did I know that soon I?d have every national newspaper screaming down the phone because I?d missed the one photo they wanted. Heartbroken at failing and having probably blacklisted myself from every working at a newspaper again I went home... ..Day number three: I arrived at the newsroom at 8am as usual, but this time the room wasn?t empty like normal. My lecturer told me he wanted to speak with me, so I went into his office. Then the verbal abuse started from him, so I walked out, despite his shouts of ?I suggest you don?t walk away from me?. .. ..I was incredibly close to packing up and moving back home, but being stubborn, I walked back into the newsroom an hour later and I?m still here... ..I guess I learnt from my mistakes. Now I have two cameras and I?ve never failed since, despite my lecturer telling me I would...

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