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Tour265 weeks ago
Hi to All,

It seems very surreal to be sitting here in Auckland writing to you on Saturday 21st of June after arriving in London on Tuesday, playing a show Wednesday and flying all the way back on Thursday. I think we left Friday behind somewhere.

Big thanks go out to all the Londoners and Kiwis who came to the sold out gig on Wednesday. We had the best time, we played great and there was a definite feel in the room that only those who were there will be able to explain.

Spine tingling moment for me was hearing the words to ?Smoke and Mirrors? be sung back in full voice by a room full of unfamiliar faces?.that was truely brilliant.

Truely spontaneous moment was the impromptu version of Michael Jackson?s ?Billie Jean? that we broke into half way through the set. Jason definitely needs some time in front of the mirror practicing his moon walk.

The ?did I just say that??? moment goes to Jason for his ?special phase? he told the crowd he was in?.but we are gonna keep that special to those who were at the gig?as they say ?what goes on tour..?

Tomorrow starts a big week for us. I?m starting to get really excited about the tour now. We pack the truck tomorrow and head for Napier on Tuesday. One day left at home to do some washing and get the woolies out for trip south. I hope you all have your tickets, its only a few more sleeps now.

Before I sign off I would like to send a big THANK YOU to all the crew on the Air New Zealand flights we took this week. They took great care of us and made it an easy task flying to London and back in such a short period of time. Cheers Guys.

Thats it from me?.see you soon


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