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Omg the annoyingest thing on earth ! T^T212 weeks ago

hey, if you and your bf/gf breaks up with you, don't make a deal out of it on bebo and make people feel sorry for you and to get attention. yeah your trying to get to the person that hurt you but you just gotta move on with your life, like seriously get to reality mate. Instead of writing corny shit on your page and taking depressing pictures and exposing it on bebo.The whole world doesn't revolve around you and it doesn't really give a shit, yes it hurts but like your wasting your time being sad cause it ain't going to do anything or help you in any way stupid GOSH. oh this goes for msn too LOL T_T & if this offends you then cry us a river because this is just our opinion and its the truth, we don't give a shit :D

good bye my fellow readers.
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Ella-Marie said...9/29/09

pubess; this is soo tru :O
but - th way you sed it is realy harshh . LOLz
dnt blame yous fo speaking out bt yeahh . :L :L
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L . T said...5/9/10
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