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Nicknames for Marijuana322 weeks ago
The Bong
The Sensi
The Black
The Chronic
The Shit
The Bomb
The Ganja
The Reef
The Bag
The Buddha
The Homegrown
The Ill
The Maui Maui
The Method
The Pot
The Shakers
The Wacki
The Grass
The Weed
The Sweet Mari Jane
The Herb
The Bu Yah
The Joint
The Herb
The Green
The Hash
The Dope
The Bionic
The Doob
The Green
The Smoke
The Brown
The Junk
The Electric Puha
The Grade
The Chiba
The Gibbly Gander = AMAZIN!!!
The Budage
The Merry Joanna
The Bud
The Draw

If they're are some nicknames that are not here please comment on them and i'll add them =)
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Chris Dimmock said...5/18/07
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Spud said...5/19/07
we call it smoke in ireland..or junk.. or brown..
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Conal said...5/20/07
Yeah they've been added, thanks guys!
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Wayne L said...5/22/07
We call it Grade down my way!
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Wigglez said...5/23/07
electric puha datz frm nz... nd wacky tabacky... nd chiba lol
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Francis Mc Donnell said...5/23/07
Gibbly gander....

Shall I say anymore..?
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Billy Hall said...5/24/07
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Isaac Nowland Aka Wagga Bogan said...5/27/07
ya no you could put some random letters together along with
"yer dats some good -----" and most people will think ur talkin bout weed
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x Staceybby livin life 2 da max _07 x said...5/31/07
rnd era we call it pukka bud, shiznit,thai,haze,ronney rifterz,bifferz,reefa, jz,jatorz,cone,spliff,skunky,bukket,fat 1,blunt,shubely bud,joint,
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Wezzyt said...5/31/07
u got mary jane! but u have got merry joanna! come on guys!
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Loony Toon said...6/23/07
wot about bud and draw.
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The Badaman said...8/10/07
g niggaroid

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Nathan P said...9/19/07
skunk, slate skunk is the best fing goin
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Ollie The Powerhouse Payne said...10/28/07
nah mate... gear.. wheres me fuckin gear..
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Captain Markie said...11/18/07
rasta fuel
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Up-In-Smoke N said...11/26/07
In Ukraine some people call "grand dad"
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Josh Barnes said...12/15/07
doobie and cuvvel
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Ashley said...12/17/07
hooter:D :D :D
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Klump said...2/12/08
potent monkey
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AmyBabey said...3/5/08
you gotta add skunk n spliff/spliffage lolz
oh n merry marley 4 obv reasons lol
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