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Char' said...5/13/07
done lodsa stuff really but being with ppl hu go ther av med it worth goin..1 ov memories that alus meks me laf is in y9 when ther wo me chloe n abbie n we got r first call art sayin juliee pass da ball...n then sayin or fukit wen teacher cums wi tel em t fuk off. weshit rsens really. Hmm maths n sci lessons av t b best since y10 wev al got on ryt wel in thm lessons n alus ava laf..gna miss everyfing brt it
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.Princess Jadey. said...5/14/07
wot else r ya memories guna b part frm ya mates n times uv had with um, evri 1s brill n a fink wer a reyt close year. i ope togod we can all stay in tuch sum how but ah love ya all x
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Marko D said...5/17/07
Wel a fink mi best ever memory of Willowgarth wo yr 9 german n me n mi gd ginner m8 Leah hid behind cupboard n wen miss sed she wo guna givs us call out we jumpd art n both of us fell on floor hehe we wo little bastards am guna miss stuff like that deffo haha XxX
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Nicky Stubbs said...5/25/07
when me jordan and reece r scared mr mckenzie nd nearly gev him hert attak n we shit r sens cuz we thought he wo gn smak us.

nd then in german last lesson ever wen we all rebelled agenst frau tht wo ace...
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Dolton said...6/12/07
lol year 9 in german when salty nicked mrs stringers biscuits outta cuboard n shared em all artlol we all got dun 4 itlol but thts salty initlol top man!!!
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Joe Walsh said...7/13/07
wen a neli died
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Lee B said...8/29/07
wen me n stef parry tripped furness up
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ºeleanorº said...7/18/09
Well ano am probly a bit sad 4 still writing on this but its proper dawning on me how much i miss skuel well my mates. I ant sin hardly anybody since i lft.!

Oo yeah my best memorys wud avto be r last christmas at skuel i got smashd. I was on my own planet.
Uva gud memerys wo rtside skuel gates on a morning behind bus stop. u no wot a mean lol.!
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