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Latest - 12th November 2007 ...x297 weeks ago
The first picture from inside the bedroom that Madeleine McCann vanished from in Portugal has emerged.

Inside the Ocean Club roomThe single bed where the four-year-old was sleeping before she went missing on May 3 can be seen pushed against a wall.

Apartment 5A in the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz has been locked up since a second round of police forensic tests were carried out two weeks ago.

Gerry and Kate McCann left the little girl and twins Sean and Amelie, two, asleep in the room while they dined nearby.

The new unofficial image is a combination of three stills taken of the room, stitched together to give a panoramic view.

Sky's crime correspondent, Martin Brunt, said the photographs were taken through a window at the front of the apartment - the same window the McCanns believe the youngster's kidnapper used to escape.

View of the open doorThe room is the furthest in the flat from the tapas restaurant where Madeleine's parents and their friends were dining, Brunt explained.

There is an open door visible on the left-hand side of the shot through which Gerry McCann last checked on his children at 9.05pm. At 10pm, Kate McCann raised the alarm.

A blue blanket can also be seen on the bed. Police are thought to have tested the theory a blanket was used by Madeleine's abductor to carry her out of the apartment.

Detectives reportedly still believe the apartment could hold vital clues to the case.

The current thinking of the Portuguese police is that an abductor probably got in through the patio doors by the swimming pool and took Madeleine out the same way, said Brunt.

Meanwhile, there are new fears that the McCanns may remain arguidos, or formal suspects, in their daughter's disappearance for the next 15 years under Portuguese law.


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