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[xxx]~BREAKING NEWS~[xxx]324 weeks ago
~ any breaking news will be posted eyah ~
~ if u no any breaking news dat we avnt put on eyahh post a coment nd we will put it up a.s.a.p ~
~ some of dis info is off so dont go sayin cos we alreadi no =] ~
~ we really want maddie bak safly so if ya no any info contact ur police station ~



THE family of missing Madeleine McCann were being protected from some horrific aspects of the inquiry last night.

Child porn is believed to have been found on the computer of sole suspect Robert Murat, 33.

Detectives also discovered links to depraved websites featuring other sickening images.

Dad Gerry McCann, 38, has been made aware of the development but has asked not to be given details.

Police disclosed that mum Kate, 38, is being completely "shielded" from the nature of the web links.

Despite the discoveries, nothing was found to connect Briton Murat to Madeleine, four, who vanished from her apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, 24 days ago. Murat denies being the man seen carrying a child near the McCanns' holiday apartment on the night Madeleine disappeared.

He said: "It isn't me. But the description is so vague it won't put me out of the picture. I hope I'll soon be able to clear my name. It's been almost two weeks since my life was turned upside down.

"I'm on tenterhooks about what will happen now they have released the description of this man."

Property dealer Murat and his ex-wife Dawn have been quizzed about their sex life.

Dawn, who lives with the couple's four-year-old daughter Sofia in Hockering, Norfolk, said: "They asked me about Rob's state of mind.

"They wanted to know if he was under any stress and did I have any fears about him.

"Did he ever watch pornography with me or did I ever catch him watching it? I told them I've never caught him watching porn."

It is understood Murat's girlfriend in Portugal, Michaela Walczuch, 33, has faced similar questions during police interviews.

Murat has said he only learned of Madeleine's May 3 abduction hours after having dinner nearby with his mother Jenny, 71.

But police found a series of phone calls between him and Russian computer ace Sergey Malinka, 22, starting about 30 minutes after the child was snatched. Malinka has been questioned as a witness. Yesterday the McCanns spent the afternoon in Praia da Luz taking their two-year-old twins, Sean and Amelie, swimming.

Earlier Kate revealed she was so trauma-tised by Madeleine's kidnap she could not face sleeping away from the twins. She said: "We've become totally protective parents."

The McCann family have been warned that Madeleine's abductor could try to contact them. They now wear latex gloves when opening letters so as not to disturb potential clues.

Phone experts from the UK have travelled to the resort to examine all landline and mobile calls made on the evening of May 3.

Two former British soldiers who have volunteered to help in the hunt have been searching empty warehouses in the area.

Prince Charles and Camilla released a statement saying they hoped that Madeleine would be reunited with her family.

Police raided a house in Hampshire after emails were sent claiming to be Madeleine's abductor. But the messages were found to be from a 10-year-old boy with learning difficulties. No further action was taken.
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Rachel Sneddon said...5/14/07
Poor Girl Hope She Gets Found Soon
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Talk.Talk.Talk said...5/15/07
aparently dey taken 3 ppl in 4 questioning 2 but da press dnt no if dey being questioned as witnesses or as suspects!! dats wut dey sed on GMTV dis mornin!!
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Sammy said...10/25/07
i hope she is found soon i no she is out there somewhere xxxx
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Cherr. said...8/22/09
Cann i just sayy somethinng i wass readiing papersss in benidorm andd itss sayiing that maddie yacht thats she useeed to go out on all the time wass missing andd hasn't been seeen since.

I thinkk youuu should have had that upp,
Any other fact i am gonna to say may bee a bit harsh buut it has to bee said sorry.
Theres is no way there are gonna find maddie noww.
YOuu can't just except her still to be in the yacht.cann youu.
She must have slip and fallen out into thee water and drowned.
Its been 3 yearss already andd the parents never even noticed her yacht wass missing how could it have been 3 for them to realise that..ehh they must havve known or sumthinn. And Now youu expect her to come bk aliveee aii. Butt i don't thinkk it will.. Happen there is no way she is gonna bee alive...on a yacht they are only tiny things..If you think aboot ehh..Xxxx
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Cher C X said...5/29/10
i saw the other day there that sumone had came forward and said that they saw a wee girl the day after she went missing saying that they saw her in a back of a van and that she looked drugged and was wearing pjs matching to the ones that maddie had on when she went missing and was with a men and a women. i mean why just come forward now why not at the time. it could have helped then but it cannie help now cause we dinna know where about she is.. but she is out there somewhere i know that,
and who ever has her plz don't harm her in any way. please give maddie back to where she belong what has she done to deserve this.. x
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