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Whats Your Fave Ever Song By Lostprophets ?286 weeks ago
Please leave a comment, saying ur fave song by them (:
 posted by Lostprophets 


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Made In Taiwan said...2/3/08
Goodbye Tonight (Y)
We Still Kill The Old Way
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Aidan said...2/3/08
Shinobi Vs Dragon Ninja
Fucking Immense Song :)
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Ellen. said...2/3/08

It's amazing :D
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Will Less Than Three said...2/3/08
Million Miles.
Waaaaaaay under-rated.
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Kaaty. said...2/3/08
Last Traiin Home.
Town Called Hypocrisy

cant choose
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Heatherr. said...2/3/08
Last Train Home
Goodbye Tonight
Can't Catch Tomorrow
Burn Burn
We Still Kill The Old Way


Can't decide tho !

<3 them all tho xD
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Jack said...2/3/08
Rooftops <3

Luv Lostprophets
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Itss Adamm said...2/3/08
I love allll of them =D
But my faves areee
We still kill the old way
Shinobi vs dragon ninja
Everyday combat
cant catch tomorrow
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Gavinho said...2/3/08
A Town Called Hypocrisy

Ace lyrics to the chorus, plus a th evideo is pretty funny
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Nick K said...2/3/08
last summer is my fave, but i really do like heaven for the weather, hell for the company
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ClaireBear said...2/3/08
4am Forever

=D <3
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Wynter Cain said...2/4/08
Each And Every One.
But Like Always, There Is One That Over-rules All Of Them.

Rooftops. It Means So Much To Me.
And Pretty Much Saved My Life.

Love Lostprophets Forever!

....Mischief Managed....
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Katie. said...2/4/08
the fake sound of progress


goodbye tonight

cant choose they r all soooo good
best band eva!! xx
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Motongi Selway said...2/4/08
all of them (:

lostprophets= best fucking band ever!
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Sidekick said...2/4/08
All Of Them Ian < 3
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Grouch said...2/4/08
well... its out of

Shinobi Vs Dragon Ninja
4 am forever

cuz shinobi Vs dragon ninja was the first song i learnt on bass
4 am forever was a song i was listening 2 wen my friend tryed 2 kill her self :( and the 2nd verse just reminds me of it lol
cry me a river....lol
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Sunny said...2/5/08
shut up guys....;)
i like all songs from Lostprophets.....:D

Lostprophets is the best Rock Band of the World
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Becca said...2/10/08
My faves are :4am forever, a town call hypocrisy, rooftops and last train home. absolutly luv em.
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AndrewParker said...2/13/08
burn burn
make a move
last train home
broken hearts and torn up letters

and many more a love all of their songs
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Ian W said...2/17/08
rooftops and burn burn
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