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Famous danny dyer quotes!325 weeks ago
Danny Dyer. football factory: What else are you gonna do on a Saturday? Sit in your fuckin' armchair wankin' off to Pop Idols? Then try and avoid your wife's gaze as you struggle to come to terms with your sexless marriage? Then go and spunk your wages on kebabs, fruit machines and brasses? Fuck that for a laugh! I know what I'd rather do. Tottenham away, love it!

Danny Dyer. The Business:My old man wrote me a letter from prison once. It said if you don't want to end up in here, stay away from crime, women and drugs. Trouble is, that don't leave you much else to do, does it?

Danny Dyer. Football Factory:Theres nuthin different about me, im just a bored male approachin 30 in a dead end job hu lives for da weekend, casual sex watered down laga heavily cut drugs an occasionlay kikin fuk outa sumone!!!

Danny Dyer. The business: Remember that letter my old man rote i was telin u about, the 1 dat said stay away from crime women and drugs! Weell wat aload of bolox that turnd out 2 be! Ive tryed dem all ! and ave won! and av drove off into the sunset!!

Danny Dyer. Football Factory: Problem was, he'd taken so many beatings on the terraces that he weren't scared of anyone. And the correct medical term for that is a "total fuckin' psycho".
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