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"Battle III is nearly here!"

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The Next Battle ( Shaun )320 weeks ago
Ok. The last battle was fantastic! An amazing atmosphere, a hell of a huge attendance and 100% success despite the efforts of a certain few. Thanks to everyone who supported the battle!

Now, we can finally answer the question everyone's been asking;

"When's the next one!?"

The answer is September the 1st! Same venue at 8 o'clock. The line-up is yet to be decided. Those interested should submit their interest to myself or Quinn. The prize is a recording session with Mr.Paul Gurney! So that should insight more interest! :D More on this soon!

In the mean time...

The next event is Audiopilot and Chaotik playing in the Temperance Hall on the 20th of June. Be there! Free admission!

Peace out!

May your nuclear weapons rust in peace!
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