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who is the village............327 weeks ago
piss head?
attention seeker?
drama queen?
favourite boy?
favourite lassie?
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Kenny Burnett said...4/22/07
stunner? def kev legg :D ;)
bike? kellie :O
comedian? martin :P
piss head? abdy :L
spacer? mikey :P
attention seeker? kellie
gossiper? kirsty :P
bitch? mikey :P
drama queen? kellie :O
gay? john miller :L
nutter? kenny bee :D
farmer? mmmmm... mikey if its organic :L
favourite boy? kenny b :D
favourite lassie? rachel yule n hayleigh robb:D
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Kevin Legg said...4/23/07

stunner? me obvs:O
bike? me obvs:P
comedian? martin :)
piss head? most of newtyle llf:D
spacer? mmmm mikey:P
attention seeker? every lassie lol:O
gossiper? every1:P
bitch? mikey:D
drama queen? all the lassies:P
gay? john robertson;)
nutter? kenny:L
farmer? defo mikey ( i made that question just for u);)
favourite boy? john p:)
favourite lassie? my mummy(L)
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Jenna. said...4/23/07
stunner? Stunners?Newtyle? Nahh(N)
bike? Aha We All Know This One :L
comedian?John Millar :D
piss head? Uhmm Ella :L :|
spacer? Probs Me :|
attention seeker? Hard One Like :P
gossiper? That Leigh-Anne Crombie Lassie ;)
bitch? My Lips Are Sealed :D
drama queen? Hayleigh ;) :L Jokiinn!
gay? JohnRobertson ;)
nutter? Symon :) (Y)
farmer? Uhmm Mikkey (A)
favourite boy?Hard One..Kenny Or Ryan Or Symon
favourite lassie?Dont Knowww
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Martin Rennie said...4/25/07

stunner? me
bike? mmmmmm. . . (john) shite bag!!
comedian? me
piss head? well after 2 wine gums n a nip of home made wine(everey 1 under 16)
spacer? mickey
attention seeker? all th lassies
gossiper? john millar
bitch? every lassie
drama queen? ashley rielly
gay? john millar i think lmao
nutter? me n kev
farmer? mickey n ryan
favourite boy? craig low
favourite lassie? my wife
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Km. said...4/30/07
Wtf !!

Gossiper ! I get told everyhing by everyone else ! =0

God sake !
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Hayleigh Robertson said...6/8/07
Thanxz jeeaannn..:O
ahn kenny ;) :p
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Hayleigh Robertson said...6/8/07
stunner? Stunna iin Newtyle yoou must bee jokiin !!:O
bike? KELLY OBV !!
comedian? Martan
piss head? Every one :D (kiirsty M)
spacer? Miiky
attention seeker? KELLY !!
gossiper? Kiirsty m
bitch? Kelly
drama queen? Most off thaa lassys :O :) (jeeaann)
gay? John Millar
nutter? Kenny bee Kiin..?!
farmer? Mike Hahaha!!
favourite boy?Kenny n sy..:D
favourite lassie? Ok then..:S aww tha girls Part From kelly obv..?!

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Shauni Crighton said...4/12/08
bike?-Not suree *-)
piss head?-Everyone kind of |-)
attention seeker? Alott of people
gossiper? Anna falcner ;)
drama queen?-Nott really got one?
gay?-John millerr(yn):D
nutter?-Merrtiin :D
favourite boy?-Symon :D
favourite lassie?-Howw could i choose their all babess :$
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Kyle Hayter said...7/5/08
y has nabdy put jordan donlevy as the gay

fuk sake


keep tyle alive
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