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Saviours320 weeks ago
It was a dark and cold evening with the rain crashing down on Rectory Road. The community house was full and the decision had been made "NO MORE ST BURYAN 1ST TEAM". A sigh of relief came from the 1st team, whilst panic was on the face and minds of the 2nd team as they did not know how they were going to cope
As Barry Hocking closed the meeting and everyone got up to leave, 2 ferocious forks of lightning struck either end of the wicket which Ronnie had prepared earlier that evening. Everyone quickly ran to the window to look upon the ground when they saw 2 human figures rising from where the lightning had struck the wicket
From the pavillion end rose a young pace bowler with the accuracy of Robin Hood, as he rose you could see his trademark sweat bands and this young warrior called himself Chris Phillips
There from the scorebox end was a young off-spin bowler who bowled darts like Zeus throws his lightning bolts. As he also rose you could see his trademark Sunglasses and this gladiator goes by the name of Mikey P.

These young boys were and still are the Saviours of St Buryan Cricket Club
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Amy Pascoe said...6/6/07
Very good u cocky shit! xxx
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Murray Westren said...6/11/07
budget x
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Sarah said...6/11/07
haha i love it! x
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Chris Woods said...6/12/07
any chance of a film? documentary? being released?
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