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Di ya ken yir dundee lingo then?216 weeks ago

A dinnieken = I don't know
Aippil = Apple
Ahin = Everything
Anaw = As well
Ane = One
Awa = Away
Aye = Yes
Bairn = Child
Bampot = Fool
Banter = Good Fun
Bawbag = Insult (Ballbag) "Ya Bawbag"
Ben = Through
Bide = Stay/Live
Bletherer = Chatterbox
Brew = Jobcentre / unemployed
Broon = Brown
Bridie = A Meat filled Pastry
Burd = Female
Canna - Can not
Chuffed - Pleased with oneself
Circle = Roundabout
Closey = Entrance to flats
Cow - Insult you can give to a Dundee girl
Cundee = Drain Cover
Daftie - Stupid but harmless
Damage = Good
Dinnae = Don't
Dinnae ken = Don't know
Eh = A
Ehrumpit = Armpit
Em = I'm
Eyewis = Always
Fleg = Fright/Scare
Feve = Five
Half loaf = Loaf of bread
Haver = Liar
Hidin = Beaten up/Kicking
Ingin= Onion
Jakey = Tramp/Minger
Keeker = Black eye
Ken = Know
Kundee = Drain in the road
Oor = Our
Peh = Pie
Pehnt = Paint
Pure = Totally
Pusy = As in "Im pusy sick of it"
Puss = Face
Plen = Plain
Sausage = Idiot
Shit Hot = The best you can get
Spaver = Zipper
Tae = To
Tatties = Potatoes
Teckle = Good or great
Telt Yi = Told you
Toe-rag = Friendly term for idiot
Toon = Town
Twa = Two
Messages = Shopping
Minger = Ugly female/male
Minging = Disgusting
Mulk = Milk
Nae Danger = No Way
Nuhin = Nothing
Pished - Drunk
Poley = Lampost
Sehturday = Saturday
Shudder = Shoulder
Wah = Who
Wee = Small
Wheesht = Be Quiet
Ya = You
Yer = Your
Yersel = Yourself
Cald = Cold
Dingy = No Way
Tenner = Ten pound
Dub = Puddle

 posted by Jackie Patterson 


Jennifer Lvs Donnie.Xxx. said...6/2/09
oh my god i cnt beleve i used2 talk lyk tht lol but nw i talk proper as i stay in edinburgh me a snob nw jackie hahahaha :B x
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Mr Mcpherson said...6/2/09
im glad i dont talk like that anymore im a proper snob now i live in arbroth uch enough ooh that em talking shit em a gadgey ind eh live in arboath
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Jackie Patterson said...6/4/09
Well eh've no lived in dundee fir ten years and eh still speak like that,and wits mare is meh wee laddie hiz never stiyed in dundee and he speaks like it tae so there ya go lol:L
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