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My Bebo Family327 weeks ago
My mum = Jenita
My dad =
My brother =
My sister = Kayleigh
My pet = Chloe?
My partner in crime = Nathan ... coz hes sooo a rebel :)
My daughter/ crazy follish freind night elf = Taran lol .. its a reeli gd compromise :D
My aunt = Peter
My uncle = Peter...again?
My cosin = Kitania
My grandad =
My grandmother = Henry rofl i bet u didnt expect that !!
My bebo love = Chloe ;) lol
My sexy lover = Em ;)
My tramp friend = Alice
My happy funtime adventure friend = Katy woo!!! crazy fun lol
Shelf stacker at tescos = Johnny! .... not strange honest ....
My role model = Cj wtf? lolz
My gardien angel = Emma
My fairy goth mother = Deesha lol ...... wtf?
My secret admirer = Stacey rofl .. very secretly!!! lol
My Stalker = L.Ibbles :D
My Party Animal = L . Ibbles xD
My Everything = Both Ibbles.. :D
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Kitania Popple said...4/25/07
cousian pz thanz
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Cj said...4/25/07
can i be ur arch enemy, or ur role model or ur partner, dont mind which! lol! :D :D :D
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Taran The Yellow Mushroom said...4/25/07
steven u suck egglime cuse i asked to be ur crazy follish freind night elf not ur freaking daughter
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Chloe Turner said...4/27/07
I wanna be your pet you bumbeling fool!
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Emma said...4/29/07
Die Taran! Nice 1 with the daughter thing though Steve!!!:)
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Jennyta said...4/30/07
Ur MuuUMM! ! !
:D :D
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Peter Teh Pieman. said...5/2/07
ill be your auntie k? :P
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Chloe Turner said...6/4/07
bebo luv delete this after seeing it!
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Henry said...6/16/07
Can I be ur Greandmother lmao
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N.T said...6/25/07
i will be your partner in crime
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KT said...6/9/08
can i be the happy funtime adventure friend?!!! pretty plzzz...

=] KT
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Laura Jane said...12/2/08
oh me be party animal?!?!?!
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Steve said...3/19/09
laura stop changin my profile bout!!! :D :L

y r u my everythin now...hmmm lol

ly neway xx
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Laura Jane said...3/24/09
i'm sorry, :(
i wanted to be your everything, so i put me as your everything..if you don't like it you can change can change it all back if you like, but u can't take of my hacked message.okay?

Love you x x x
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'IceMann. said...3/24/09
Me= Sexy Lover? ;)
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Laura Jane said...3/25/09
go for it Em. :L
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Steve said...3/25/09
sure thing Emz ;) ;) xxxx
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