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<3 If Yooh have Any Special Memories Of Our Angel Plz Say <3325 weeks ago
For all yooh ppls out ther who knew our angel and hav 1 or mre special memories of our angel plz share...<3
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Sally.Nothinhappensunitil I Makeithappen said...4/30/07
well...i didnt reali now tommy... but i remeber one day i was on my way to kirkstall leisure centre after school and he was one the bus... adn every so often he wud turn around and look over at me and i look at him orquidly ... coz we didnt really now each other... but now i wish i wud ov got up and gone and sat next to him and got to no him:( ....missin u huni...x

maybe one day we might get that chat after alll....x

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Zoe Pearson said...5/1/07
i have lots of memories of teaching tommy, ( i was forever being called out to get him from lessons he he he) but chasing tommy around school for about 4 lessons has got to be my best memory, it was hilarious after a bit, he ran about 6 of us up and down stairs round and round corridors, and just when we thought he'd done a runner outta school he popped his head around a door and we'd be off again! in the end he ended up laughing so much he just couldnt run anymore and i think he just us catch him!! there was a lot of hard times with him at school but the good times made it all worthwhile, he'll always have a place in my thoughts.xxxx
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Jamie FUlthorpe said...5/2/07
hi all there is loads ov ppl who new tommy he woz like a brother to me i lived on the same street as him it woz a laugh with him his street adress woz 5 broadlea grove i really do miss tommy every time i needed him he woz there he had loads ov mates on the estate and plenty ov girlfriends he woz a cush lad n still is to me we had laughs all the time me n tommy and a few others always use to gettin chases off ppl we did av a few problems but sorted them out all the time iv never had a mate like tommy.i hope to be with him one day i really do miss him like mad r.i.p tommy .t. luv ya loadz as a mate we had some good times so if any body wants to rite bk then go on to my bebo kk bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx b.m.c 4 life mate u will always be missed by us all mate
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I Lovee Gearòid said...5/7/07
Wel iv had so many special memories of my baby boy its hard to say...ther wa 1 tym tho tht med me laff...
me n tommy wa wlkin t the shop wen i went out wi im n wen we got a few streets away frm the shop [belvedere terrace] ther wa a ambulance parked ther wii 2 paramedics in it...tommy lifted his top ryt up n shouted t the paramedics...'I BET U ANT SIN A SCARE LYK THT B4 AV YA' wel they jst luked at im as if t say silly little boy yh we av lol...it wa 1 ov them thnigs u jst ad t b ther...incase u dnt no bwt tommys scare e ad a long scare down the middle of his chest frm wher e ad his op wen e wa a baby...the op was because tommy was born wi is heart bk 2 front so they had t change it bk round tommy wasnt ashamed of is scare i wud say e wa proud of it [good lad]...R.I.P BABY BOY MISSING AND LOVING YOOH ALL THE WORLD AND I ALWAYS WILL DO IN MY HEART YOU WIL NEVER BE FORGOTTON GOOD NIGHT GOD BLESS XXX <3 XXX <3 XXX <3 XXX <3
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Jade said...5/23/07
id hav to say wen he came down to the canal n him n my bro gabe had fallen out ova dere bird nicole but all ov a sudden dey dived off the side wall n was laffin n jokin bout in the waterbut tomo knew i was scared finkin r gabe myt drowned n he made sure i got more scared but afta he sed sorry but laffed as he sed it wit his cheeky lil smile that was the first tym id eva gone to the canal n afta that it scared me until i went wen karl n deano n kate was there cos i knew my baby wud be save cos karl wud luk afta him 4 me tomo babe i kno ur still smilin at us all n tellin us all to keep smilin in memory ov u n no matta wat wen we think ov u we alwayz hav happy memories ov u n wen lil jade is older is wil alwayz kno bout her best uncle tomo! x NYT NYT BABES SWEET DREAMZ XOXOXOX
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Sally Emma Bentley said...7/26/07
wen me & tommy wa on trampaline ta school blastin music out n havin a laugh
love u tommy__<3
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Alice Cope said...10/23/07
well this memorie wa in yr 6 =]
ot wa between mr pengilly n tommy mr pegilly wa shoutin at us all so tommy sed summat n thn mr pengilly gt tommy up n made im stand up so tommy sed mr pengilly wi the 10ft willie he shuved it thro the old ladies letta box n so on lol. so yet agen he was still shoutin at us so tommy wa jst takin the micky bt it wa funni tho =]
well tommy bbe... its bin a yr exactly 2daii hun wer all still missin yah lyk fuk a still cry at nyt bt at this presised moment am holdin ma tears in well am gna go 2 wer it all append nw tommy sweet dreams tommy luff yah bbe alice n leah xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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X-Chaz-X said...12/9/07
omg we wo walking dawn past post offi e n some girl kept calling him he thew his phone n some lad went 2 pick it up omg 1 ov them u have 2 be there moments
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Nicolee said...7/5/08
wel i av a lot ov memorys bout tommy
the best memory was wen i went owt wid tommy for agess i lve him 2 bit n we always had a laff n we went bowlin n we jst fcked bout cz we went wid the youth centre
i love tommy sooooooooooooooooooo much tht word can not expaine and how much i cried wen tommy past away i always go n see ya his mum n his sisters kelly n tht thy all miss ya soo much tommmy
love you lot lv nicole xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
good nyt god bless lil man miss in ya soo much u r always in ma heart each n every day lv you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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I Lovee Gearòid said...8/17/09
I Was Withh Tommyy Forr 2Years When E Livedd In Beeston. We Always Had Mad Times. Mee, Tommyy, Bianca, Irishh Lee && Ashpan! Backk In The Dayy, The Bestt Childhood Years Any1 Cud Askk Forr. Lovee Youu Tommyy x x x x x x x
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