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............325 weeks ago
Girl && Boy
girl ` Do i eva cross ur mind ?
boy ` No
girl ` Do u like me ?
boy ` No
girl `Do u want me ?
boy ` No
girl ` If i left would u cry ?
boy ` No
girl ` Would u live for me ?
boy ` No
girl ` Would u do anything 4 me ?
boy ` No way
girl ` Which would u pick me or ur life ?
boy ` My life
Hearing this the girl ran away with tears, the boy ran after her but she got ran ova by a car died n he become an emo bastard
 HAHAHAHAHAHa im so evil LOL
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Anniie said...9/1/07
WTF ?! LOL ! did yooh change tha story ?
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SmilieStar said...10/3/07
LOLz yea i did its so much betta
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Jnette said...2/3/09
Yea melrosa chnaged it cos she couldnt stand all the love that the girl and guy was getting:L :L
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