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fill in wich word best describes me347 weeks ago
 posted by Jake Da Snake 


Megan G. said...12/4/06
(B)itchy lol
(D)irty minded
(E)llo mate!? lol
(H)ood lol
(K)inky lol
(M)egan! lol
(O)cupied? lol
(P)retty lol
(R)acist lol
(T)tough lol
(V)ery nice
(W)icked? lol
(X)X rated porno movies :L :L :L :L :L :L :L
(Y)oung lol
(Z) zebra :D lol
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Deirdre said...12/5/06

(A)dorable ALCO
(B)bulshiter? lmao
(G)good bahaved <ha>
(I)idoit?:D :D
(N)notwise all one word ha
(R)pespectable aye dead on
(U)u and me ehh???lmao
(W)window washer? wdf? lmao :L
(X)x-gurlfriend.....ill find1
(Z) zello.....jello
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Xxx Sandra Xxx said...12/6/06

(B)iatch lol!!
(G)izmo lol!!
(N)ipples lol!!!
(Y)yup yup yup
(Z zebra
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LisaElliott said...12/24/06
(H)igh defenishen lol
(Z)ip lol
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Conor McCaul said...3/5/07
(F)uck i luv doin ur head in
(L)uvly wee boy
(N)o dick
(O)oooooo u r gay
(T)he queer
(U)nderstands notin
(Y)our bent
(Z)oooooooooooooo hahaha dats wat u get 4 not puttin me in ur top 16 so go and light a fire now lol :L
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Una Harte said...7/29/07
(E)ntertainin lol...
(G)ud crk
(N)at wise
(T)alented?? wtf??
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