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ma bebo family356 weeks ago

My mummy -
My daddy-
My big brother -
My little brother-
My big sister - sarah
My little sister-
My best friend -
My bit on the side -
My guardian angel - bebo problem solver
My sugar plum fairy -
My personal shopper -
My slave -
My food buddie -
My little cutie pie- sandra bronagh
My god mother-
My god father -
My chatterbox -
My hot admirer -
My messer upper-
My cleaner -
My wannabe -
My flirty friend -
My dancing buddy - sarah
My sexy hunni - bronagh
My stalker -
My sex bomb - sambo
My drama queen - megan graham
My Bitch - stacy
My Slut -
My Crazy Biatch- sandra
Ma wee dude- micky g
Ma wee fetch friend- derdz
My gossip queen-
My problem solver-micky g
My sexy mother fuker - megan graham
My drinken buddy-sandra

 posted by Jake Da Snake 


!!xx!! MeGaLiCiOuS !!xx!! !!xx!!Megan graham!!xx!! said...9/28/06
i wanna be yer drama queen and yer sxc modr fuker lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Xxx Sandra Xxx said...9/28/06
rite kk a wanna be ur drinkin buddy nd ur little cutie pie nd ur crazy biatch kk soo go nd put me on kk
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Sambo said...9/29/06
im ur sex bomb boy so get 2 it an den do mine
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Megan G. said...9/29/06
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Deirdre said...9/29/06
we fetch friend pweasee!
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Niamh B said...9/30/06
i wanna b ur bitch r ur sexi hunni jst put mi in aywer jst mak sure it gd lol k n do mine ya kk xxxxxooooxxx
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Sarah Ryan said...10/1/06
i wana b ur dancin buddy cept u dnt dance wit me no mattr hw mch i try 2make u lol!! r else ur big sis!xo
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Bronagh Xxx said...10/19/06
wel jake put me in as ur sexy wee hunni an little cuttie pie plz fanks lve ya loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Stacey McCabe said...10/20/06
welll i wana b ur bitch k in u soooooo beta put me n kk....xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Lauraa. said...8/1/07
i wona be ur best friend and sugar plum fairy :D xxx
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