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its like the end of an era...374 weeks ago
(can i just say that blogging seems the perfect excuse to put off some revision!)

well what i actually wanted to talk about was that in a week or two i'l be leaving my uni house that iv had for two years... sad times!

i moving into a new house with new faces... its all very exiting..

but i will be sad to leave my house and no longer living with my matey Cherith... the house has had its share of ups and downs. but cherith and i..always have up times.. never once have we faught.. all we do is drink (tea of course) and watch dvds and chat..when cherith had dates i chose her outfits (altho alot times she didnt listen 2 me) and had 2 do her hair for her.. theres many things im gonna miss about my wee house.. and many things i most def will not miss!

to think... i ahve 2 exam left and thats me done with 2nd year.. how time flies.. and il b in my third and final year... with the big scary world just on the other side of that year!
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Jenni Aulds said...5/19/06
I can see you are in a very reflective mood! Its spending all that time in the house trying to revise lol!
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