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"i love caitlin loads shes my best friend in the whole world[:"

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Family237 weeks ago
My Mummy =Steff.D :D
My Daddy =
My Daughter =
My Son =
My Lil Sista = Becky P :P
My Biggie Bruva =
My Lil Bruva = Alex :)
My best friends 4 life =Megan & Kate & Caitlin :) :D
my hyper budy=
My Guardian Angel =
My Fartin partner =Alex :L
My Idol =Rachel ;)
My Babe =Ryan Evz ;) :L
My Alki friend =
My Sexy Girl = Kelly ;)
My Bad girl=Tom Ryan :L
My Rudegal =
My Emo/Goth =
My Dirty Dancers =Kate :L
My Body guard =
My Gangsta =Mari :L
My Partner In Crime =Mari P :L
My Princess =Dylan :L
My wife= Dylan:L
My beautiful flatmate =
My best cousin =
My twin =
My Crazy Dancin chick =
My suga plum = Rob Hammond (he has buckers):D
My personal drinks maker =
My funky kik ass person =Megan :D
my sexi gals=
my postman =
my female lover= Kelly :P
my best mate= Caitlin :) :D
my poser=
my big sis= Rosie :D

 posted by Andrew Harvey 


Lowrii Ann Evans. X said...1/4/09
Your Wife :L

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Zoe Thomas said...1/4/09
You missed out Grandaughter :O :L
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II Sgt Wanger X said...1/5/09
Shotgun Your Mumm :L
Serious Though
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Rosiee said...1/5/09
im yur big sis :D
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Kate. . said...1/22/09
Best friends for life , and dirrty dancer :L x
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Dylan Dalton said...1/23/09
ur wife bbz ;)
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Dylan Dalton said...1/24/09
let me b ur princess to en
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ThatRyan said...3/1/09
i'm your babe (y) ;)
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Megann said...4/12/09
ummm, best friend for life and funky kick ass thing , looooooveee you xx
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Kelly Babii said...4/17/09
ur sexy girl and female lover babes xxxxxxxxxxx
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Raay Beyy said...4/18/09
My idol ;)
luu x
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Maz. said...5/19/09
i wana be your gangster and partner in crime (H)
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- How You Doin said...5/28/09
Your Badgirlll ;)
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