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Go Now And Be Famous184 weeks ago
Anything your addicted to? TWITTER!

What can you see around you?
Desk, mirror, postits on my mirror, postcards from Robyns exotic holidays, two tickets from gigs I were at, (snow patrol and codes xD) and the stuff that lives on my desk.

What are the 2 most played songs on your ipod?
Feel That You Own It - Bipolar Empire and some other song I cant think of...

How many times has it been played?
398...make that 399... Since I got the ep in july.

What are your plans for today?

And tonight?
Lindas 18th if I can get there!

How many pairs of shoes do you Own?
Inc slippers? 8.

What was the last book you read?
I reread The Kite Runner

What is the last thing you looked for?

What are you happy about?
Extra holidays?

What do you crave?

Hmm... What colour top are you wearing?
White, Its an All Or Nothing band tee...xD

What time did you wake up today? 10.04

What time did you eat breakfast? 10.59

Did you have a shower today? Yes I did...

Do you like good music? Well Its better than bad music I must say.

What're you looking forward to?
February 14th and 15th. XD

Do you have friends you've never met?
....yes. *cough* Brian. *cough*

Have you friends that have never seen one another? Yup!

Have you different groups of friends? ...How you mean? Like lunch friends and gig friends?

Do you buy christmas presents for all your friends? Nope. Jus 3.

3 best friends.

What makes you smile?
...remembering the man who fell on the news yesterday has cheers me up loads xD

What annoyed you today? The waves in the taps froze.

Who were you talking to last night? ....at 2ish twas beans, 3ish twas Eoin and at around 4 tadgh o conner.


Last film you saw?
The Hangover, Its brilliant!

Last song you heard?
Careful - Paramore

Last band you saw live? Jody Has A Hitlist.

Last game played? Wii resort.

Last person you spoke to in person? My dad.

Last person who text you? Brian xD

Last person you text? Is that not the same as above?

Last cd purchased? Oh...um Not Adviseds cd? xD
They signed it!

Last hug you got? Oh deary... Was it John Collette Jordan or Killian? O.o

Last phonecall? Me thinks Joe...Or Mary.

Biggest suprise this year? Um... Nick replying?
That was pretty shocking lol twas good too...xD
Being invited to two 18ths I didn't expect to.

Are you interested in anything advertised recently? The rep position....?

Hey hey!

Miss anyone in particular?

Bangledesh kidnapped her!


Who'd you steal this off?

Anyone who should never go to your house?
Declan! Lols my bro'd pick on him.

Have you a crush on anyone? I don't like him anymore! Freedom! XD

Best quote from this yr? "funky fish fame has gone to his head." iloveHer xD

Anything you'd like to say?
I Miss WalesBoy!
And, goodbye.
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