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copy and paste if you want it324 weeks ago
fact 1: You
Name: imogen hobbs
Birthday: 12 april
Birthplace: hamilton
Current Location: wellington
Eye Color : green
Hair Color/type: red
Height: not sure
Righty or Lefty: Righty

Fact 2: Opposite Sex
Best Hair Color: blondy brown breadz
Short or Long Hair: just past shoulder length
EyeColor: blue
Best Personality Trait: loyal
Best Clothes: doesnt matter
Best First Date Location: a resurant maybe?
Best First Kiss Location: lips are always a good start

Fact 3: Favorites
Song: better than...its so happy
Color: green an bluey green
Food: spinach pie
Sport: yoga at the moment
Movie: hmmmmmmmm
Actor: hhhhmmmmmmmmm again
Actress: meh i cant think of these things
Singer: john butler
Holiday: greece
Number: 7
Store: ernesto
Disney Character:
quote: the beautiful things in life re those we dint always notice first

Fact 4: This Or That
Vanilla or Chocolate: Chocolate
McDonalds or Burger King: NEITHER they're both discusting
Single or Group Dates: single
NSYNC or Backstreet Boys: 5ive
Day or Night: night its more romatic
Sunrise or Sunset: sunset
Bikinis or Tankinis: bikini
Jeans or Capris: jeans definatly
East or West: east
Winter or Summer: Summer
Pepsi or Coke: neither
Boxers or Briefs: Boxers on guys
school or work: work
cat or dog: cats no dogs....both
wips or chains: mmm chains haha
black or white: black

Fact 5: Last
Person You Hugged: caitlin
Person You Kissed: matty
Person You Talked To: talking to him right now
Movie You Saw: the divinci code
Song You Listened To: hotel california
Time You Cried: last night
Person Who Made You Smile: hannah

Fact 6: Friend Who Is The
Loudest: shelly
Shyest: matt maybe?
Smartest: um....
Most Athletic: my mum
Cutest: angel
Most Trustworthy: matt
Best Dancer: ben
Best for Advice: haha me
Nicest: they're all nice
Most "Blonde": cant think right now

Fact 7: First
Kiss: dillon grantham
Date: stanpipe for dinner lol with robert kruger for dinner haha we were like 12-13
Best Friend: matt or celest
Real Boyfriend: oliver?
Heartbreak: i dont know
Sleepover: friends in rotorua when i was like 5
Hangover: in port augusta dont remember wher there were a few

Fact 8: Have You Ever
Fallen For Your Best Friend : no
Been Rejected: yes
Been in Love: YES, am in love
Dumped Someone: yeah
Rejected someone: yes
Been Kissed: Yes
Gone Skinny Dipping: nope but iwant to
Broken the Law: yes......hehe
Cheated On Your BF/GF: no
Kissed in the Rain: i actually dont know.....i will make it a goal
Thrown Up in Public: i dontr think so

Fact 9: Childhood
Favorite Toy: hmmm :( i dont remember
Best Memory: dont remember
Worst Haircut: my straight fringe when i was like 8
Most Embarrassing Moment: dont know
Favorite Word: wickedcool

Fact 10: Do You
Save MSN Conversations: nope
Save E-Mails: i dont delete them
Wish You Were Someone Else: sometimes
Believe in Love At First Sight: yes
Get Along With Your Parents: A BIG FAT YESS
Wish You Were Younger: IM only 19
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