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a little bit abbout the man342 weeks ago
Besides being one of the most popular, dangerous and rebellious Superstars in the history of WWE, Stone Cold Steve Austin is also a six-time WWE Champion, the only three-time Royal Rumble Match winner and a King of the Ring winner, among many other distinctions. He has also won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania on three separate occasions.Stone Cold is arguably the most popular WWE Superstar of all time.Stone Cold's claims to fame are many, but he is perhaps best remembered for his battles with WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon that began in 1998. The rivalry led to Stone Cold occupying many unique roles outside the ring, including a stint as WWE CEO. In fact, it was Mr. McMahon who spoke out against Stone Cold's return during a meeting with the WWE Board of Directors to decide The Rattlesnake's reinstatement ? yet another battle against Mr. McMahon that Stone Cold won.
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Jim Ross JR said...1/10/07
rock bottom to the rock omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Stewart Mcgregor said...3/11/07
HELL YEAH the true best there ever was or ever will be!! bring on the condemned
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Tim O said...8/20/07
Steve...I doubt this will ever find you, but what the hell. Played ball with you at NT. You DL, me LB. Hung out with you and Tom Midhaul(sp?)at Theta Chi OX house in '85-'86. Would love to make contact with you to talk about old times. Living in California now. My son is a big fan of yours. Next time you're in Orange County, CA please look you me up. Please write back if you get this.

TO #90.
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Chris Cox said...3/4/09
Hey we all know austin was and still is the best ever i just hope he comes back or just makes some crazz pop ups every now and then like he use to..becouse im not sure about u guys and girls but the wwe is not the same with out him...
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