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Bored... haven't done one of theses in a while!!!265 weeks ago
Name: Kylie
Middle name: Anne
Age: 19
Bday: 25 October 1988
Where do you live? Dubbo
Sex: Female
Hobbies: Movies, music, partying... lol
Nicknames: Smiley Kylie, Kyles, Killy, Kyle, Sharkie
Height: 156 cm tall (short)
Grade: Finished Yr 12 in 2006
School: Went to St John's College
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde atm.
Nationality: Australian

*Have You Ever*
Got anything below a B on your report card?: Yup.
Smoked?: Yes.
Drinked?: lol.. yup!
Cussed?: Too much... i need to stop it!
Physically hurt yourself?: Who hasn't.
Talked on the phone for more then 4 hours?: No... the record i think stands at 3 hours something.
Said you hated someone in your family?: Yeah... but I didn't mean it!
Wanted to commit suicide?: No.
Stole Something?: Many years ago when I was young and foolish but now I have a conscience.
Kissed?: Cha!
Went on a Date?: Not an official one.

*This or That*
Computer or TV? TV
Telephone or AIM/MSN?: Telephone
AIM or MSN?: Msn
Brother or Sister?: Brother
Female or Male?: too hard to make that choice.
People or Animals?: People.
Cake or Ice-cream?: ice-cream.
Chocolate or Vanilla?: Chocolate.
Skirt or Pants?: Pants
Dog or Cat?: Dog!!!
VH1 or MTV?: Both... channel flicker!
Volleyball or Basketball?: Don't care!
Summer or Winter?: Winter!

Ice cream flavor: Cookies and Cream
Color(s): Purple and green
animals(s): Jack Russles
Style: Whatever looks good!
Parent: Both!
Smiley: The one with the blank stare! (on msn it's :|)
food: Probably my mums potatobake with her homemade mayo on it! (dont knock it til you try it!)
number: 15 or 7
letter: B
TV show: Simpsons
Movie: Ummm... atm... Sweeny Todd or Hairspray
Song: Here In Your Arms by Hellogoodbye
Album: Ummm... at the moment... Muscles or One Republic.
Store: Sanity... lol!
Type of Music: Anything, long as it sounds good!
Car: Atm... suzuki swift

*Which would be more likely to*
eat MORE then 8 pieces of pizza?: Jakey
Go to Paris?: Umm.. Kate... lol!
Spend all her/his money on shopping?: Pri
Get married first?: At the moment that's a VERY tough call!
Become an actress/Singer?: Hmmm... oh god... I don't know!
Win the Lottery: no one... maybe Sara!
Go to College: Sara
Graduate from High school: Most of us have.
Work at Burger King: Well Candy works at Dirty Bird does that count?
Become Prime Minister: Kate
become a terrorist: Kate and Cass together would be lethal... lo!
die first: Hopefully none of us!
be a beggar: Ummm... I can't picture any of us... although Snoddy was out in Kate's garden the other morning... I'll go with her!
become rich by the stock market: Jakey!
get a sex change: Again... Jakey... he's such a woman! lol!

*Which Friend Will*
Commit Suicide First: None of us.
be the next Britney Spears: I think we're all likely to have a meltdown at the moment!
Go to Disneyworld every day: Kate
go on the price is right? Ummm.... Ima go with Cass

*Which Friend Is*
Stupidest: All of us!
Smartest: oooo... umm... I think I'll go with Kate her... she's very wise!
Cutest: All my friends are cute... awww... I just wanna pinch their cheeks! lol!
cheekiest: I'd like to claim that title!
Nicest: They're all lovely!
Annoying: We all are in our own ways!
Funniest: Kate and Cass I'd say!
Nerd: Snoddy
prettiest: They're all sexy assed biatches!

Shortest: Me!
Tallest: Snoddy... or Sara... not sure!
Skinniest: Cass
Sweetest: Umm.. Snoddy or Cass!
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