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Memories !214 weeks ago
Memories we shared xD
 posted by Connor Handren 


Emma McLennan said...6/13/09
Me and u last night sprinting up to the shops cos u wanted a box of chips :L :L then they were shut lol
so we came home and had half a pizza :)) :D :L

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Lewis Coulahan. said...6/24/09
2 Years Ago .. My Birthday
Thomas / You ,, Sat On My Radeator And Snaped
It Clean Off The Wall Water Sprayin About Ma Room
All Over The Cream Carpet ...Nd Uz Trying Not To laff :L :L :L
Mum Goin Raj Nd Uz Sitting Pishing Our Selfs :L :L :L
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Wee Yin. said...6/29/09
eh just think of times when we aruged:P theres to many:L :L
shoe fight in stephs:P
me always steaming, and your like " keep yer head up you look daft :L "
Us on the dancemat:P
watching me and marley :( :(
me standing in shite, and a then a bird shitting on me:O !
saying " shut it ya wee cow":L

hope theres more to come ya raj:P
love you :D
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Becky Fairbairn said...7/8/09
god we have had so many, good and bad:L !

1st one - the night we all camped, our huge trek from the tent to gracemount and back again about 3times haa.. me spotting dinasours hidding in the trees.. baaaaabs classic:L ..

2nd - nights out down the dip with my speakers

3rd - that night in mine with me, jordan, you & dean - actually so funny you couldnt stop speaking & omg incase u forgot im sure someone drippled lmao:L !!

4th - night in nikitas, walking about gracemount met uncle paul. broke into his house, climbed in his window.. made a hole the size of the moon in his bedroom door & then back too deans pmsl..

omg soo many i could go on forever honestly need some more though i miss my connor so much.
love you babes xxx
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Wee Yin. said...3/17/10
here i dinny remember standing in shite then a bird shitting on me :L :L
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Connor Handren said...3/17/10
When we were with lewis at his grannies at moredun :L the first time you met him x
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Wee Yin. said...3/17/10
hahaha:L ! mudd on the carpet.. nah i stood in shite gran :L x
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Charleighjeffrey said...5/9/10
i can mind when i first ever started to muck about wea all of you's. when you had a drink in you, you hated me and i would wind you up to the major's aand you would chase me and tht but before you could do any damage i would put that song on [as i rise again] on and you would stop and dance and forget about me:L
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