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Good man marty (Y)192 weeks ago

1) Do this to a person you are talking to
2) You have to do it!
3) Don?t cheat! Or else you will ruin the fun. If you are going to cheat, don't do it at all!
4) If you can say these in rapid-fire to one person without them blocking you or just not
answering. . You are the CHAMP
5) you must right their response to each of these:
Here we go...

victim: martin murphy

1) Type "I'm superman''
Marty says:y

2) Type "Oh my gosh I heard about your fish"
Marty says: wa

3) Type "You and me are good mates right?
Marty says: yea

4) Type "k so can i tell you something?"
Marty says: yea

5) Type "i'm on drugs..."
Marty says: lol

7) Type " how could you not be concerned!?"
Marty says: inw ur not being serious

9) Type "i love you!"
Marty says: i love you to
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