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The 3 gigs289 weeks ago
Now guys, I'm EXTREMELY sorry about the delay in this blog and the lack of remembering the songs we played!:o

On the 27th of Nov, after many cups of tea and biscuits, Romeo and Whatsherface were ready to brave the bright lights of An Taidhbhearc thanks to the Government(great band who play great music, buy their album godamnit!).
After Brian got over his technical difficulties we launched into Bad Penny(Rory Gallagher). We all love this song, tis great fun to play and is right lively! After that song was done and dusted any nerves that were present had disappeared into thin air. After that came Highway To Hell(AC/DC). This song, well, it?s just a brilliant song. And don?t try to argue with me about it, you WILL lose! Anywhoo, I can?t remember the rest of the order of the set list but I do remember playing Another Brick In The Wall(Pink Floyd, of course, ye all knew that) being last. Other songs included: Dancing In The Moonlight, Blitzkrieg Bop, Rocking In The Free World, Feeling Good?and I can?t remember the rest?

Two days later, we played the same set list in the Roisin Dubh with Celebrity Skin thrown in there also. This song went down a treat with the crowd who were amazing on the day!! We were the first band on of many and every band played brilliantly.

On Dec. 1st it was pretty much the same set list again(we are changing it for the next one, I swear!).
Afesca was pumping with condensation after hours of the crowd jumping around!

Well that?s it for now!
Thanks to all who came?

*Sorry I left it so late?
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